Monday, September 2, 2013

So many prepared people!

Wow so it is September already, I can't believe it.  I am still in Jamaica.  I got my flight plans and I fly out on Saturday at 8 am. I am pretty excited about that.  I have been serving in Boulevard Kingston this week and man it is just not Spanish Town.  It is a lot different.  It's more urbanized.  Spain was urban but there are just so many people in Kingston. It's good though.  They aren't working with as many solid people either like we were in Spain so we are trying to do a lot of finding!  The branch isn't as big, but it is still good.  I'm district leader right now too until I fly out this week.
So today we went shopping at this store that is exactly like Costco, had no idea that existed here.  Had automatic doors and a place to buy pizza and chicken bakes. It was cool, I wish I wasn't leaving other wise I would have stocked up. You even need a membership so we had a senior couple take us.  Then we went to Devon House, not really sure the hype behind that...tourists just like to go there.
So I got this really amazing story to tell you guys.  So last week I told you that we came into Kingston from Spain to go to Tracks and Records. BTW that was really really good.  But we also stopped by the mission office to get some stuff.  While we were there this young man walked in.  He was dressed pretty nice and said that he was looking for a job and asked if there was one available there.  I almost said, "No we don't have any jobs here.  Have a nice day." Man I am glad that I didn't say that.  Pres. Brown just looks at him for a minute then says take a seat. Pres just started talking with him.  He then says that we don't have an available job but we are missionaries.  He then went told us about why he walked into the mission office. He said that his dad was shot by police innocently a couple years ago because of mistaken identity. (That happens here regularly, they take a "Shoot now, think later" approach but that's besides the point).  He said that when he was being killed he yelled Jesus and when he saw the church logo that reminded him of his dad.  Well after talking for about a half hour he walked out of the mission office with a baptism date for Sept 21 and a return appointment.  So I come to find out that he lives in this branch that I am serving in cuz there are 3 branches in Kingston.  The sisters are teaching him and have gotten a lot more cool stories out of it.  So he came to church yesterday and he ended up bearing this awesome testimony, yeah it's his first week at church too.  He then says that before his dad died he was meeting with missionaries, so that got him even more excited about this church.  When the sister missionaries were teaching him the Plan of Salvation he said that his dad probably isn't in the celestial kingdom but he knows that he would want him to make it there. I wish I could be there when he learns about baptisms for the dead!! He also bore in his testimony, and I am pretty sure that he doesn't understand the significance of this but he said that after his dad died his sister said that he appeared to her and said that he wanted to be buried in white.  They thought that was a really weird thing to do, but they ended up burying him in all white clothes.  All I can say is that there are so many prepared people out there, this work is real and it is true.  I was stoked to see him at church yesterday.  It is another story just like S. from Spanish Town.
Well big up this week.  Likkle more. Next email is from Cayman!! So excited! :) Love you guys
Love Elder Harris

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