Monday, August 26, 2013

Moving away from "Home."

Wow thanks for those pictures, I loved seeing them!  I am glad to hear that you got the package, did you try playing the videos in the camcorder or are they completely lost?  I am also sorry that the stuff in the package was really random and not thought out well.  It is just stuff that I have bought walking down the streets and I rushed sending it because I did not want to carry it around to my new area.  Well speaking of new area, this week was transfer calls.  I am sad to say that I will be leaving Spanish Town :( I have grown to love this place.  I have gotten really close with a lot of people here.  This will always be my home. It is hard saying bye to some of the people.
Well this week was a good week. We have been finding like crazy!!!! And these people are all elect I swear! Not once have we tracted.  All have either come to us or came through members.  We had 10 non-members at church yesterday.  We only counted 7 of them our investigators because of reasons, and 6 of those are progressing!! :) It is so cool to see the work here and how it is progressing! Pres. Brown has told us that every companionship will baptize once a week, and I didn't have faith in that.  But now I definitely know that it is possible now! It is going to start happening really soon. We still have about 10 referrals that we are contacting this week.  These numbers will definitely go up next week! Well Sis Mc. is still doing really, really well. We also found some young girls to teach, N. and A., and a lot more who I don't have time to explain about.
Well today we are going to go into Kingston with the other missionaries in our house and go to Tracks and Records, a restaurant that Usaine Bolt owns, hence the name, lol for my last Pday in Jamaica for a while.  That will be pretty fun, if Pres okays it lol.

Well I guess that I forgot to tell you where my new area is. I will be serving in the Boulevard Kingston branch. I will be serving with Elder Whipple who just barely got done being trained. I will be there for about a week.  Then I will be back on American soil for about 2 hours for a layover on my way to my new area. My transfer call was to Grand Cayman Island! I was pretty stoked about that.  Not very many get to go what we call out here as "off island" or to leave Jamaica.  It is supposed to be very, very nice out there; very wealthy people and a super strong branch. Uncle Brock visited this branch like last month while he was there. All I know is that there is a Texas Road house, Dairy Queen, Tuchonoes (or something like it), so I will just be living like a king (or a missionary that is serving in the states, spoiled!;)  Nice house with carpet and 2 full time cars, one a brand new car.  We will be the only missionaries on the entire island.  The flights were messed up so that is why I will be serving in Kingston for a week.  But there is more.  Pres. Brown called me right after the AP's called. He said, “You got your call, right?” I said, “Yeah I did.”  He said cool so there is something else. He said we are changing the off island zone leader area.  It is going to be moved from Freeport Bahamas to Cayman, so you and Elder Runyon will be the new off island ZL's. Now that blew my mind! Honestly I did not expect that. He told me that I was the first to know and to not tell anyone for a couple hours.  The existing off island zl's didn't even know.  So this will be a cool experience.  We are also the so called district leaders at the same time because there are no districts off island.  We skype every week for district and zone meetings and I think we fly to Nassau Bahamas every other month for zone conference. It will be pretty cool I think.  I think this has to be one of the most spread out zones in the world.  It consists of Cayman, Turks & Caicos, Nassau Bahamas, and Freeport Bahamas. Well, have a good week, I love you all :) Love Elder Harris

This was from March when he first arrived in Jamaica...I hope he's acclimated a little more now!

His mission call stated that he'd be speaking English...hmmm?!

That's a large moth!

Keeping Beaver alive in Jamaica!

Adam and Brian hanging out in Jamaica with Colton.

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