Monday, August 5, 2013

Dominos, Chilitoes, Chinese, Pizza Hut, Pig Tail and Stewed Peas, and Chicken Foot Soup...Yum!

So thank you for the pictures this week, I am sorry once again but my sd card doesn't work and I don't have my cord for my camera with me.  I am just going to go buy a new sd card and send this one home soon.  So this week has been really good.  Monday was PDay so we splurged and went to Domino's Pizza, it was amazing! Monday I got a call from the office Elder saying that they were coming to pick me up on Tuesday morning and that I was going to be in Kingston for the whole day.  You don't know what that means when the office elders call us to go into Kingston for the day but I do and I'll let you know why in a couple weeks or maybe months what it means but I went and stood in lines in government buildings and police stations to sign papers and stuff all day long.  It was a long, long day but it was good.  Don't worry I didn't have to go do that because of anything bad, everything is perfect like I said I'll let ya know later :) So we were also with Elder and Sister Mortensen and they took us to Chilitoes, which is this Jamexican restaurant. It was so good, I got the jerk chicken mega burrito with nachos and it was so good!! It was good to eat something different, and they paid for it so that made it even better.  So that was my Tuesday, Elder Mathewson took the zone leaders train with him in our area that day.  Wednesday was a pretty good day, we had so many appointments fall through.  We had Pres. B., our branch president come with us to visit some less actives, that part was really productive. Then we ended that day with our Elders Quorum president coming to visit another less active with us, he walked about 3 maybe 4 miles to get to this lesson #dedicated! The lesson was good but the guy we met with, Bro G. is just really stubborn. We also ate at this Chinese restaurant that day but it definitely was not Panda!!!  Thursday we had Zone Conference, it was our first zone conference with Pres Brown and it was AMAZING!! I love that guy.  He is just the most lovable, knowledgeable, caring, stern, everything guy.  It was a sweet zone conference.  He talked about the plans to make the stake here in Jamaica, specifically Spanish Town.  He told us all the numbers needed and what we will focus on in order to accomplish this.  He told us about a call from Elder Anderson from the 12 that he received and Elder Anderson said we are applying for the stake in January and it will probably be organized in March.  He told us all of this and then tied it in really good saying do you see what I am seeing, about how we don't have to be disobedient, or to not go 100%. He said it million times better then I ever could but all I could think was crap I only have 19 months left and there is just way too much work that needs to be done.  I'm not going to be able to leave Pres. Brown in 19 months because there is just too much work to do! Had Pizza Hut on this day too.  I tell you about the food I had this week only cuz I ate really good at the beginning of the week, and that doesn't happen very often so I thought I would share it:) Friday we had super planning, then went out teaching.  We started teaching Sister Mc.,.  She is the mom of some recent convert teenagers and it is so cool that we are able to teach her.  She has listened in on a lot of lessons and already knows everything is true.  It will be so cool to bring her into the gospel, and will be a great blessing for that family.  She then fed us pig tail and stew peas so that was a bonus too. Saturday S. got baptized!!!!! :) It was so cool.  His GF was bringing him but then her car ran out of gas and we were in a hurry to get the baptism started because of Pres. Brown's flight to Turks, So Pres. Brown went and picked him up and brought him.  It was a really spiritual baptism and S. bore an amazing testimony!! It has been so cool to watch him grow and learn! I now know why Pres. Brown put every resource he had in helping S. in any way, cuz the only thing stopping a stake is worthy Melchizedek priesthood, and S. will help that so much.  After the baptism there was a funeral going on and they had the missionaries wheel the casket into the chapel, only in Jamaica, yeah I had to close the lid too. Good thing there were 17 full time missionaries at the baptism (Including Pres. and Sis. Brown) since they had no pall bearers or something like that. I then got my toe operated on after the baptism. I had an ingrown toenail removed just like I had removed up north a couple years ago.  He cut half of it off.  Now just letting it heal.  Had chicken foot soup Saturday night too.  It was pretty bad.  It honestly felt like I was eating cooked baby fingers.  That is the best way I could describe it.  Church was good on Sunday too.  So I know you wanted me to tell ya how my days are, IDK if that is what you had in mind but this week has been chaotic.  Well I love ya!! Have a good week! 

Love Elder Harris

PS thanks for the banner letter and for the other letter as well mom and Harris family! :)


                Chicken Foot Soup...Yum!
(Picture borrowed from another missionary's blog who is also serving in Jamaica)


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