Monday, August 19, 2013

First Law Obedience...Last Law Consecration

Well this is the last week of this transfer again, I can't believe it has already come. The transfers seem to be going by really quickly now.  I am thinking that I will be getting transferred from Spanish Town. I hope not cuz this is my home.  I honestly don't really want to leave but I guess we will see what happens. Well this week was another good week.  We were not able to do as much teaching this week as I would have liked to.  Tuesday it rained all day long, Wednesday was district meeting then we went to the doctors office for Elder Mathewson's knee which was a joke.  We were there for 6 hours. Thursday was weekly planning all morning. Friday we had a special meeting with Elder Cornish and Pres Brown. That was really good.  And Saturday we had a baptism that took up quite a bit of time.  

The meeting with Elder Cornish was pretty good. He talked to us about how to train new missionaries and about how even exact obedience will not qualify us for the work. He taught how obedience is the first law of heaven, and the first law of everything, but it isn't the last law. Consecration is. It isn't enough to be exactly obedient, we must do things that please Heavenly Father (John 8: 28-29). It is one thing for Devin to sit and complain about doing dishes on his night after dinner for 2 hours and having people nag him about it and he eventually goes back upstairs and gets the bare minimum done. Or you could be like me and right after dinner, I take all the dishes and get them done, wipe off the counters, mop the floor, put the food away, etc.  Both of them fulfilled the so called commandment, but the way in which it was fulfilled was the major difference and that was what stuck out to me in that meeting the most. We shouldn't have to be compelled in all things to do certain things.  We should do it because we love God and want to please and honor him.

The baptism was good on Saturday for S.  R. B. is our new branch mission leader and he is a solid member and so he has in some ways lightened our load as missionaries, and in other ways increased our load.  Both are good and are necessary for missionary work to go forward better here in Jamaica.  For way too long missionaries have had too many responsibilities that are supposed to belong to members and that has slowed the work down.  Now that is slowly starting to change and it is a good thing. Instead of missionaries standing in front of members in the work, we are now standing side by side.

Well Sis Mc. is our top investigator right now.  We have had some really good lessons with her. Working with her has just increased my testimony that the Lord is preparing people for the gospel, just not always preparing them in the way we expect.  This has been such a strength to her and her family, especially to her marriage.

Well have a good week. I love you all.

Love Elder Colton Harris
Elder Harris, S. and Elder Mathewson

Colton enjoying his Olive Garden breadsticks!  We love!

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