Monday, September 23, 2013

Margaritaville Burger Challenge

Once again it has been one more week.  This week has been a good one too.  We have stayed pretty busy this week, ha except in the mornings.  It is so hard to find people to teach in the mornings here.  In order to live in Cayman you have to have a job, unless your an actual Caymanian, but most people here are foreigners so they have to have a job.  So it is nearly impossible to find people to teach before 5 o'clock.  After 5 we are always super loaded cuz that's the time that everyone gets off work so we are always rushing around trying to visit people.  At 5 traffic is also super bad too.  For some reason I never pictured there being rush hour on an Island but there is, and it gets super bad.  Cars will be lined up for miles so at our busiest time to see people, it is also our hardest time to get around. We make it work tho. I shouldn't be complaining. At least I am sitting in AC and not on a bicycle!!!
I also gave a talk last week in church.  So K. and T., some recent converts, were who I was talking with that day.  The sacrament got over at 10:25.  They both gave 3 min talks.  Our middle hymn was #242, the shortest hymn in all of the hymn book.  Then I had a half hour to talk, that wasn't very fun. I didn't talk for the whole 30 mins but got close to it.
Well this week we got a referral from Sis J., our branch presidents wife. They have a condo that they rent out so she said we should go there and tell them that we are looking for the J's since they used to live there.  So we did that and we met this Jamaican girl and after she told us that they don't live there anymore we started talking about church and stuff.  Our plan worked out perfect! She let us come back and teach her, I love Jamaicans, they're always down to talk about God as they say.  She didn't show up to church tho, I think she got called into work, but hopefully next week she comes.  We were also able to have a lesson with a guy named K, he used to live in Spanish Town and came to church a couple times while I was there, but the other missionaries were teaching him.  He moved to Cayman because he got a job, he came to church this Sunday as well so that was cool to see him again and hopefully good things happen there!
Well this week has been quite the week for food.  Thursday we were driving around about lunch time and Elder R. was like, "Hey you want a free burger?"   I said, Um, yeah.  Duh!!"  He's like alright let's go.  So we go to Margaritaville and they have a burger challenge.  I said what the heck, let's do it.  So we go there and it's pretty busy.  There are 2 cruise ships in so a lot of people were there and they have a stage and whoever does the challenge is supposed to sit on this stage. Well we talked them into letting us not go up there to do it.  We had 15 mins to do the challenge!  I was doing so good at the beginning until I got to the bottom 2 patties and the bottom bun, they put so much mustard on it!! I almost puked because of that!! I had to scrape it all off and that took like 30 precious seconds.  Needless to say we both lost. It was 2 lbs of meat and 2 lbs like bun, pickle, and fries.  So 4 lbs of food, I almost had it. Another minute and I would have had it, and they bring it out boiling hot so it's hard to eat anyways it was fun. EXTREMELY unhealthy but still we had fun, until we got the bill and it was $30 US a piece, anyways whoops shouldn't have done that. So that was Thursday.  So Friday at this Restaurant called Rackam's they have free food every Friday night. They do it to get people in to buy a lot of drinks but we didn't do that.  We just went and sat on these couches outside that were overlooking the ocean, ordered a soda and ate a whole lot of BBQ chicken wings and curry cheese fries.  We saw a whole bunch of HUGE fish, between 3 to 5 feet long and threw french fries in the water and watched them eat it. That is going to become a Friday night tradition now. Oh we had a dinner appointment after that too and got fed pizza, great night!  I could get used to Cayman it is a good thing I am going back to Jamaica for a year to lose all the weight that I put on out here!
Well I also have a new mailing address, send everything to this address for the next couple months.

Elder Colton Harris
Jamaica Kingston Mission
Ky1-1010 P.O. 11918
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

I found out that I won't get letters sent to the Jamaica address until I go back, and if you got an email from the mission office saying what our address is, disregard it.  That's our house address and we don't get mail there so it will be sent back to ya.  Well love you guys! Glad you guys had fun at Lawernce Welk. Have a good week! 
Love Elder Colton Harris

Margaritaville Burger Challenge

So close...and yet so far!  It's all that darned mustard he had to scrape off!

Anyone up for some fishing?

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