Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful Grand Cayman!

Wow so ok, this place is indescribable!! I absolutely love my new area!! Cayman is probably the sickest place on earth! Man it is so amazing!  I just don't want to leave this place, 6 months is going to go by way too fast! Well my flight was good, just a 45 min direct flight from Jamaica.  It was so pretty flying over this island.  The people here are the nicest people in the world too.  It was the best welcome.  The whole branch already knew my name and where I was from before I got here and so I received a lot of texts and calls from members telling me welcome to Cayman.  I guess Austin Myers got a hold of some of the members and told them already so that was really cool.  There is such a variety of people out here.  They love the missionaries and love to feed us too.  I am so excited for that!! And it is normal, good food!! I had my first glass of milk in over 6 months yesterday and it was glorious!! Milk is like $7 US out here though, it is expensive to live out here, and gas is like $7 US too.  Anyways.
So Elder Runyon and I get along really good.  We went to Rum Point this morning to go check it out.  It was a little cloudy but still beautiful!! The first people we see when we walk out on the huge dock they have there as us to take their picture so we did, a couple mins later I am filming a video and I turn around and there they are on a kayak in the water and the guy asks us rally randomly if we are missionaries. They said they knew from our countenance, I don't even really know what that means but we said that we were missionaries and they told us that they were just sealed in the Timpanogas temple 2 nights ago.  The first tourists I meet are Mormon, nice lol. We talked for a while; he is an RM and served in the San Bernardino, CA mission and actually in Victorville.  He was pretty bummed when we told him we have this whole island/country to ourselves.  They actually wanted to come teaching with us. I guess they are here for 10 days and don't have much planned.  They were really adamant about coming teaching with us, so we are going to try and take them to a couple that just got baptized 2 weeks ago and have them talk about temples or families or something and also to a couple we are teaching right now to talk to them about the same thing. 
Well church out here is awesome. There are only about 75 members that showed up, but it runs just like a ward in UT would run, that is such a relief!! As I said the members are amazing!!!
Well back to Jamaica for a couple seconds.  Stacy Mc., the lady I was teaching in Spain got baptized yesterday, that's pretty cool.  I attended Mission Leader Council on Thursday for my first time, and that was pretty cool. Alright that is all that went on in Jamaica this week.
So I do have a story for you.  So on Saturday after I got here Elder Runyon was taking me around to meet people.  So we get to this house and he says that this is the branch president’s house.  He said he doesn't like to be called president so we just call him C. So I say this nice spiritual prayer about how we can help the BP out here in Cayman and then walk up to his door. He answers with no pants on, the house smells like smoke.  He invites us in and is really nice, but kind of weird honestly.  Then this girl shows up and it turns out it is his girlfriend.  She is 33 and he is 67.  Then he offers us wine, we decline, he gets talking about the bible and man he was using "today’s terms" in describing this bible story to us instead of the “Old words”.  There was a lot more that went on but we will just leave it at that.  I walked out of that house and was like Elder Runyon you are the biggest liar!!! He then busted up laughing for like 20 minutes.  It wasn't the branch president, and he thought that I thought it was the whole time.  I did figure a couple mins in that he wasn't the branch president, but C. was the perfect person to try to fake as BP though. It was pretty funny just cuz of all the crazy wild things that happened that wasn't planned.
Well I also met someone that knows one of the Thomas kids, Grandma H’s neighbors.  I forgot who he knew but it was their son that served a mission in Jamaica.  The guy who knew the Thomas kid was named Faulcher (last name). Faulcher was the Thomas' trainer.  Faulcher is the Branch Mission Leader in Boulavard and we were in a correlation meeting with him and he was like reminiscing on his mission and was like, "Beaver, Beaver, Beaver.  That's all I heard about for 3 months was Beaver, UT.  The Beaver Beavers from Beaver High School."  I was like wait what did you say?  He was like Beaver.  I then said that is where I am from and that I know his family.  He thought that was really cool and that he wanted to hear from him, so maybe you could let Paul know.
Well I will definitely enjoy my week here in Cayman; I hope you guys have a good week too.  We see the ocean all the time; in between every appointment we see the most beautiful water in the world.  I don't know what I did to get here, but this is the best area that a missionary could serve in in the entire world, and also the most beautiful zone in the entire world.  It is great. 

Love Elder Colton Harris
Boulavard Kingston

Colton's district in Boulavard Kingston

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

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