Monday, September 16, 2013

Question #37

Hello once again. Once again a week has come and gone, my first official full week in Grand Cayman and it is still pretty awesome. This week was a pretty busy one.  Well the work is still going forward here.  Elder Runyan and I have been working really hard and soon we will see the fruits f all of that hard work.  We are working with the daughter of a recently baptized couple out here. They were baptized about 3 weeks ago and are preparing on going to the temple.  I told you about the members that we met at Rum Point on Tuesday that said they want to come out teaching with us.  Well we invited them to this lesson to talk about families and temple sealings and stuff and it was such a good lesson.  They connected so well with them and since they were just sealed like 4 days prior to the lesson they just had a lot of convincing power with them so I am glad that they insisted on coming out with us.  After that lesson they took us out to dinner so that was a bonus as well.  It was a pretty nice restaurant and our table was over top of the water on the beach, don't tell the missionaries in Jamaica about that one!! :) On Wednesday Elder Runyon and I conducted our first zone meeting, it was over skype so it was a little bit weird at first but it turned out to be really good.  We actually just barely got out of a meeting on skype as well, Pres Brown and Elder Anderson of the area presidency talked to all the off island missionaries today, that was a pretty good meeting too.  So we have been working with a really awesome couple out here, the W's.  He was baptized about 3 or 4 years ago and she just got baptized about 6 months ago.  She had cancer and so she is still recovering from that but I love going over to their house.  He studies the gospel like nobody's business, and he can recall anything that he has read before.  He showed me his journals that he kept before he was baptized about questions he had and when he found the church, the Book of Mormon answered every single question that he had, and don't get me wrong these weren't your typical investigator questions, these were all deep and extremely profound.  I almost feel bad for whatever missionaries had to teach him, I am sure they had a lot of help from some solid members though.  So before I knew about all of this stuff we were over visiting with them and we shared a message and then asked if they had any other questions about anything and he said which one of the 55 questions that I have do you want to answer?  And then me just being me I guess said throw us number 37! He then stood up, went over to the counter, grabbed this notebook and turned to question 37.  We actually were able to answer that one pretty well, it was about the Holy Ghost, but I went through all the questions in the book and some of them are too deep for me so I am glad I chose number 37!  He is also loaded $$$ wise!  He used to own a Canadian Football League team, the Montreal somethin somethins.  This guy loves football like I have never seen before. It doesn't matter if it is CFL, NFL, or NCAA he will go very far out of his way to make sure and watch it and his wife is the same way.  That is what is cool about Cayman, we teach some very loaded people, and then we could have a lesson in an area that feels just like Jamaica.  It is so diverse here.  People from so many different countries and races and backgrounds.  There really is a little bit of everyone here.  Well yesterday we also had to do a financial audit of the branch, that was not very fun at all.  The mission president usually does it but since it is taking so long for him to get a visa he can't come out here.  It took like 3 hours yesterday, it made me not want to be a mission president cuz Pres has 30 branches he has to do that to twice a year, not fun at all but it was an experience that not very many missionaries get I guess.
Well I do like the new wheels you got there dad, nice pick.  The first thought that I had when I saw it was that the steering wheel was on the wrong side, but then I remembered I am in the countries that do that kind of stuff backwards, that will be a nice car for me to take to college when I get home, so thank you so much. ;) Well have a good week in California too mom, tell everyone hi for me. Love you all.
Love Elder Colton Harris
Elders Runyon and Harris

Elder Harris in Grand Cayman

Elder Harris in Grand Cayman

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