Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Week in Paradise, um, I mean Cayman!

Well here I am again, emailing home.  This week was another good week in the mission field. Tuesday night we had dinner with C. and P.   They invited one of their neighbors over for dinner and had us over and it was a really good time.  We got to know their neighbor who is named L. and she is really interested in the church and hearing more so that was a really good time. Hopefully things continue to go well with her as we teach her this week.  We also had a good lesson with one of our investigators named R.  He is the husband of a member here and he is really cool.  He had a birthday party at his house this week and he invited us over, it was a good time, Filipinos know how to cook! :)  He has a baptism date for Oct 26.  He has been working on Sundays for years and he finally has gotten a new job that doesn't have him work on Sundays and he starts that next week so we are excited about that.  His wife and he are really excited to be sealed in the temple someday.  They have seen how the Lord can work in their lives since they had faith and a desire to follow the Savior.  This week we also were invited over to Elder and Sister B's house for dinner.  They are a full time proselyting senior couple in the Salt Lake City South mission but have a condo here so they came for a few weeks.  We had tacos and they were so good, my first taco in over 7 months!! :) Anyways my bike is being used in Jamaica by Elder A., he is who I replaced out here. He had to use mine cuz a different missionary is using his cuz the other missionary’s bike got stolen while Ambrose was in Cayman so he took the only spare bike if that makes sense. My comp is from Orem, Elder R.  I live in a good neighborhood.  My apartment is good.  I might have said this before but hot water, couch, patches of carpet, a microwave, AC, and a laundry mat across the street.  Don't let any missionaries in Jamaica know about that cuz they will probably start crying ;) Oh and last night I was at Pres J’s house, our branch president and his daughter has a book with all the missionaries that have served here and like a picture of them or something and I was going through it and saw J. S. I didn't know he served here but you can tell him that I saw his pic in H. W.’s journal.  Small world.  Anyways have a good week. When is the deer hunt? Do you guys have tags? Get a big one so you can send me some jerky! :) haha that's funny ...they aren't going to get one ;) jk jk anyways love you guys.  Bye.

Love, Elder Colton Harris  


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