Monday, October 7, 2013

Just go out of your comfort zone a little bit...

One more week is in the books! Crazy to think about! Actually it has
been another transfer! Transfer calls were this Saturday, it's crazy to
think that it has been 1 whole month since I got the news about
Cayman, and that today actually marks one month since I flew into this
island! Time is going fast! Well this week was a good week. General
Conference was really good. I got to watch all 5 sessions, and stayed
awake for them all!! A lot of really good talks were given this
weekend, even on some topics that don't normally get emphasized too
much.  But it was perfect! I really liked S. Gifford Neilson, he had a
really good message, but I think I liked it because he threw some
football into it. Yeah maybe that was why I liked it?! Well I don't
need a conference ensign sent to me mom, we get those out here.  So we
had a couple investigators show up this weekend to conference, but one
showed a lot of desire.  His name is R.  He came to a session on
Saturday and both sessions on Sunday.  He was so interested.  All he
did was get invited to church by a member here in Cayman who is a
returned missionary who works as a waitress and she just invites
everyone I guess. So he was just one of her customers and he took her
up on the offer and now he has a baptism date foe November 2! Great
things can happen if we just put forth a little bit of effort and
just go out of our comfort zone a little bit.  This week we had MLC
(Mission Leader Council) with Pres and Sis B. and other mission
leaders. It was really good.  Everything that I felt was a theme at
conference he felt were important issues right now in the mission.
Everything from miracles, to stress management, to keeping covenant...
let’s just say he is inspired.  Well not too much other news happening
out here.  Glad to hear the football team is doing good! So I forgot
to mention in my last email, but last Thursday was the annual Branch
Talent show.  Every year they make the missionaries do something in it
as well.  Well surprise surprise neither one of us have any talent so we
pondered long and hard about what to do. Then inspiration happened, a
little kid in the branch named L. said "Let’s do the Harlem
Shake!" We were like well that takes no talent at all so that's a
perfect thing to do!! So we did the Harlem Shake for the branch with
the 10 year old as the lead guy or whatever you want to call him.
Super cheesy but I don't care, it's over with lol.  It ended up pretty
good.  Well have a good week everyone! Love you all!
Love Elder Harris
Colton ran into two LDS families last P-day.  One texted us a picture of them with Colton and his companion.  The other sent me an email today with a couple of pictures.  It is nice to know that church members worldwide are looking out for our missionaries!  Thank you from an appreciative mom!

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