Monday, October 14, 2013

Our whole zone is going to Nassau, Bahamas! Wait, except for us...the zone leaders!?!

Well it sounds like you guys have a crazy week at home!, but also a
good one.  So this week was good again.  We got the news about where
zone conference is going to be held! Our whole zone is going to
Nassau, Bahamas!!!!...except for us... don't ask me why.  One of the
AP's used to serve in Cayman so he weaseled his way into coming out
here to visit.  So that news sucked.  A zone conference without the
zone leaders, tell me how that one works out!? Whatever I guess, we
are just going to have a very one on one zone conference the Pres. and
Sis. B. and the Assistants.  So onto other news.  Not much has
happened this week.  We had a pretty good zone meeting this week on
Wednesday.  We also had a branch movie night on Friday.  That was
really fun, a whole lot of candy, pocorn and soda! We watched Ephraim's
Rescue and it was a really good movie!! IDK if it actually was a
really good movie or if I was just so excited that it wasn't Joseph
Smith: Prophet of the Restoration again!!! was a good movie. So
R. came to church yesterday.  He is the one who has been having to
work on Sundays so he couldn't come to church but he switched jobs
this week and is on date for the 26th of this month.  Ro. is also
doing really well.  He came to the movie night and to church this
Sunday.  He is the one who came to 3 sessions of GC and took notes
even! He is getting so involved in the branch.  It's awesome.  He even
knows a couple people really well too here.  So there is also this
inactive lady that we found who came to church yesterday.  She was
baptized when she was 8 in Brazil.  Her family is really solid.  Her dad
used to be a stake president and everything.  She moved out here 19
years ago and hasn't been to church once.  She came yesterday and the
spirit just hit her like a ton of bricks.  I'm pretty sure she won't
be missing another Sunday for awhile.  She realized what has been
missing for so long from her life! She has a son that's of baptismal
age too.  She is like best friends with 4 families in the branch and
none of them knew that each other were members, which blows my mind.
That shouldn't ever happen.  But she was fellowshiped good lol.
That's about it.  I love you all. Have a good week :)
Love Elder Colton Harris

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