Monday, October 21, 2013

Walking on water...

It has been another week! I can't believe that it is almost the end of October already!  Well this week has been a really good week! So not too much has been going on. Same old same old things around here. So a cool experience yesterday.  At church I walked out of priesthood to go and get more books from the library and when I walked out I saw 3 people walking in in street clothes.  I went over and talked to them.  They were members from Utah (not suprising, tourist members are always from Utah) but they said that they were here on a cruise on Thursday and while they were here they went snorkeling and their husband/father/or father-in-law depending on which of the 3 you were talking to lol was in a near drowning accident.  He was unconscious on the beach for a while and they were doing CPR on him. The son in law did a blessing real quick right on the beach.  After they got him to the hospital and things calmed down they started looking for the missionaries.  The numbers and addresses online that they were looking at were wrong so they couldnt get a hold of us.  They tried finding us and driving around town to look for the building. When they had given up and were on the way back to the hospital on Sunday they saw our church builing on the road when they were driving past.  It took them a long time but they finally found it, and it wasn't a coincidence.  They walked in and told me the story and said that they would like to stay for the last half hour of church then we could go by the hospital with them to give him a blessing with oil since he didnt have any the first time.  It was a neat experience.  The guy's name was R. and he was a funny guy even though he was in a lot of pain we could tell.  Thank goodness for the priesthood!! So this week we also gave E. a baptism date, she is the 10 year old daughter of the recent converts, K and T.  R. and R. the following week. We are excited.  Well have a good week! Love you all!
Love Elder Colton Harris

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