Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

Happy Easter to you guys too!  I missed being there this year! Thanks for the e-mails and dearelders.  Sorry I had to wait until today to send this letter, Easter in Jamaica is like a 4 day holiday, they celebrate good friday and somethin monday so basically all the stores and internet cafes are closed down so it would be pointless to have p-day so Pres H. changed it.  Everything is still going good here in Jam-Rock.  It is still very hot and humid here but I am getting more used to it I think.  I have been slimming down too, I had to tighten my belt one hole and it is still a lil bit loose.  The work is going good here too.  We are having another baptism this Saturday, her name is K. She is the one in the picture I sent home, she is the person who I had my first lesson with.  Since we are white washing (starting up a new area from scratch) we are just starting to get a decent size teaching pool, it has been hard to teach people here, the gospel goes against everything that the Jamaican culture is.  It is hard to have them keep commitments, especially Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, tithing, basically everything.  There are so many dogs and goats that just run wild here, so so many.  We get chased on our bikes everyday by so many dogs, one of these times one of them is going to get my ankles.  I am also excited for general conference as well this weekend!  I am glad that you guys had an awesome temple trip.  Take advantage of the temples that you have so close to you guys, people here save money for years and years to go to the temple here, it is a huge sacrifice for them, but they have such faith that they are willing to save for so long.  Ha mom no I am not using that water bottle but I am glad that I brought it tho just in case, water goes out for days in some areas on the island where I could be in the future, they have back up water in missionaries houses but who knows how clean it is in thoses jugs.  This week is going to fly by fast!  We have zone conference, general conference, late P day, it is going to be over before I know it. There are about 70 missionaries in our mission right now and that number is expected to double by the end of the year.  My group to come in was the largest group ever at 13 new missionaries and it is supposed to stay at a high number for a while.  Normally 1 to 3 new missionaries come per transfer.  Happy Birthday Treyson!!  You’re gettin too old bro!! Well I hoped this answered some questions.  I'll try to from now on write down questions you guys ask in dear elder so that i can answer them in e-mails.  Have fun guys I love you. 


Love Elder Colton Harris


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