Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

So this week was good, it went by really fast actually.  We had zone conference on Wed which was really good and 2 days of general conference which was really good as well.  I was so excited about the Cedar Temple!  Right before we walked out of our apartment to go to general conference I told Elder Wright that I have a feeling that they are going to announce a temple in Cedar City and he asked wheres Cedar?  I told him it's just a little town right next to where I live.  Then when we got to church I was talking with Elder Wilkerson, he's from Morgan  Ut and I asked if they were going to announce a Morgan Temple today and he said no, Morgan doesn't even have a stoplight so there couldn't be a temple there.  I said OK but I think they are going to put one in Cedar, at least they have some stoplights there.  That was about the extent of that conversation and right after it was announced they went crazy, Elder Harris called that! Next prophet and stuff! I was even going crazy but then I told them the story about the rumors that went around then they weren't as impressed.  Also right after the middle song in the Sunday afternoon conference, it started to just rain so hard here and we lost satellite reception for a while and we were just sitting in a dark chapel because the lights were out for the projector and then people started singing hymns for about 15 mins until the reception came back.  It was cool, I was sitting next to one of our investigators singing hymns in a pretty dark chapel. 
Our numbers were really bad this week because we had so much going on but we'll get them back up this week.  The baptism that we were supposed to have on Saturday didn't happen because she just wasn't ready yet.  We are going to keep working with her tho and she will be baptized soon.  This week should be good, almost a month in Jamaica is down!  Well I haven't given any talks yet.  The first Sunday I was here the branch president told the 4 missionaries in the branch that we would be speaking and to take up the whole sacrament but then when we got to church he forgot that the relief society was speaking so we got out of that one.  Every sacrament meeting so far has started at least 15 mins late, last weeks started a half hour late.  people here are just laid back.  My apartment is ok, it really great by Jamaica standards but this makes raintree look like a 5 star hotel.  Neighbors are fine.  Yes families do live in those tiny shacks that I sent home in pictures last week, and those aren't even the smallest or worse houses I have seen here.  There are whole communities that live in zink (tin) houses.  We do cook most of our own meals, I can get most stuff that I can in America it just costs a ton.  We don't have milk tho, there is what they call real cows milk but it is expensive and goes bad fast so we use Lasco.  It is a powdered milk that you can get in different flavor for your cereal and stuff.  It's pretty gross.  We have got fed a couple meals this week tho.  No chicken feet for me yet but a lot of chicken back and turkey neck.  Rice and peas (beans) every meal!  4 elders in my house.  My comp is from Kingston, One of the ZL's is from Mesquite and the other is from like from spanish fork i think i actually forgot, somewhere from up north tho.  Well I'll write again next week.  I love you all.

Elder Colton Harris
Mud after a day on the bike

The front of Colton's house

A speaker tower in Jamaica-not a very large one according to Colton

Inside of their house

Elder Harris and others at Zone Conference

Colton's first P-Day doing his laundry
People try to earn extra money by washing car windows

A scorpion caught 5 feet from his bed.  Yuck!
The street view from his house
Elder Harris

He said the benches were pretty hard after 10 hours of General Conference!

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