Monday, April 22, 2013

Pretty good story...

Ok so this week has been pretty good.  It is still hot here but I guess I am getting used to it a little bit.  In 2 more days I will have made it through my first transfer!!  Crazy! Saturday is my 2 month mark and we're gonna party! :) Well this week I have a pretty good story.  So we are working with this less active kid, he is 18 and we got him to come to church this week.  He has only been baptized about 3 years and this was his first time he has been to church in over a year.  When he got to church, the branch president pulled him in his office because we have been telling Pres B that he would be coming. He came out of his office a couple mins later with mission papers in his hand and was super excited to be filling them out! It was crazy!  So a couple weeks ago when we went over there he told asked us why we hadn't came earlier.  When we were there we thought it was a weird question but we thought he was talking about why no one came like a year ago when he stopped coming to church.  The next time we visited him he told us that he said he knew we would be coming that day and he expected us earlier that day, crazy! He hasn't had any contact with the church in over a year and he had that feeling this week!
Well today we went to little Ochie for PDay. That was fun, I had jerk Lion Fish which wasn't too bad but we are running a little late so thats why we only are emailing for a half hour. KFC Pizza Hut Dominoes PIzza TGI Fridays are the only american restraunts here. Normal day of food is tuna sandwhich mac n cheese grilled cheese poridge oatmeal eggs toast alot of normal cheap college food.  Well sorry I have to go, i'll answer more questions later. Sorry again, i love you. Have you got my letter that i mailed home like 6 weeks ago? Bye LOve you!!!!
Little Ochie Beach on P-Day

Jerk Lion Fish which Colton says he ate!


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