Monday, April 15, 2013

A couple of accidents...

So this week has been a good week, it's gone by pretty fast tho.  I have recieved another pouch letter from Gma E that was sent April 2 and I recieved a letter from Elder Kia that was sent through regular mail on April 1.  Well this week was good.  We taught a lot of lessons and found some new people to teach.  We have had to push the baptism dates of a couple people back but we should start having a couple in the next couple of weeks.  Well this week we had a couple of minor accidents, well I guess the first one wasn't really an accident but we had one of the APs come with us on a trade off this week and it went good.  The ap's have a really nice truck and we went to our appointments with him in it so it was nice not to have to ride our bikes for that couple of hours!! We did get a flat tire that we had to change tho and that wasn't very fun but that's what happens on Jamaican roads, the roads are just straight up pot holes, big ones that you can't dodge.  Truck rides are super super bumpy.  Driving through town is more bumpy then some of the worst roads up Fremont. This week I also had the bike tire on my bike tuned up because it was a little wobbly and so we went with the zone leaders to pick it up at the shop and we threw it in the back of the truck and we got goin down the road and this road was actually a pretty good road we thought like not pot holes or anything so he just started goin pretty fast, that didnt work out so well for us ha we got i would say a good 4 blocks away from the bike shop and there was a big dip in the road that we hit goin pretty fast and my bike flipped out of the back of the truck did a couple summer saults and landed all crooked and stuff.  I thought my bike was done for but we turned around and went and picked up the bike, actually we just grabbed it from some rastas that picked it up because it flipped out in front of a little shop that they were standing in front of.  Luckily it only bent the front wheel a little bit and  the back wheel a little bit.  So we turned around went right back to the shop and left my bike there to get fixed.  That guy must love our business we give him.  We really weren't going that fast but the bike wasn't down far enough in the bed of the truck I guess.  It also broke the taillight if the truck on one side when it flipped out I guess, broke all the glass or plastic off it and like none of the lights on that side work anymore, but that's his problem not mine lol.  Well I told you before that we get chased by dogs all the time this week I actually ran one over while I was riding my bike.  So we were riding past this place where we know dogs always chase us so we got goin pretty fast and when we got to that spot about 6 dogs came and chased us and one of them went right in front of my bike, I didn't know that he was there because I was lookin backwards at the other dogs and he just went right underneath my tire, didn't kill him or anything he just walked away all sad but I thought it was a cool story still.  So this week I also got so sunburned.  We did service for Pres Brown, the next mission president and we were in the sun for hours then i came home and did laundry in the sun and I didn't use any sunscreen and i should have.  I had to go buy aloe vera and it sucked being in church clothes and riding a bike with a sunburn.  Well congrats on Publicity manager Devin that will be really fun.  Good luck Trey and Tag with baseball, you'll do great.  Thanks for all the kisses Marissa I love catching them!! Love and miss you all!!!!!

Love Elder Colton Harris
Colton eating his first coconut in Jamaica
Flat tire
Flying bicycles can do some damage!

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