Monday, July 7, 2014

Baptisms and BBQs!

Good morning everyone! It looks like your guys' trip to California is going great! I am happy to see that you are experiencing some heat as well :) Quite a bit happened this week. Sis C.l was baptized this week, but there is a story behind it. On Tuesday I was just finishing up my studies and the office elders called. They said, "Elder Harris, what are you doing tonight at 6?" I said well we have so and so planned but it's not really confirmed, why? Elder Henderson was like, "Cuz Sis C. prayed about who should baptize her, and she wants you to do it." I was like woah, I met her for like an hour during the interview, that's it. Anyways, I was honored to baptize her.  I took another trip to Downtown on Tuesday to do it. She is amazing and her baptism service was great.  I got to baptize her on her birthday, as well as dads birthday so it was pretty neat.

4th of July was great. We had a BBQ in our house. I miss BBQ's so we were able to make one and grill some burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Oh man they were tasty!!

St. wasn't able to come to church this week. He was sick, and I don't always believe investigators when they tell us that they are sick, but he actually was. he is still on date for July 26th so that is good. We had some really great lessons with him this week. He really is exercising faith and repenting.

So IDK if you remember, but Sh's daughter and son in law were baptized recently.  I sent home a picture of them. Well A. is the son in laws name, and 2 weeks ago he was put into the bishopric of Constant Springs Ward. It was only a 2 month period from being baptized to becoming a high priest,, that has to be some sort of record lol! :)

We also had dinner at the M's yesterday. The M's are an awesome family. Bro M. was the district president for a really long time, and now he is still in the Stake Presidency. We had stewed peas and pigs tail. But we sat around the table as a family. That was the first time I have sat around the table with a family for a meal since being in Jamaica, and actually scooping up my own food. They have kids similar to my bros and sis' ages too so it was fun. But yeah, when we eat normally, it's usually just on a chair on the front porch or on a chair in the family room or whatever. Jamaicans just bring out a pre-dished plate and give it to you when they feed you. You even just bless your own plate individually on a normal basis. It may sound weird but that's just how it is here. So to sit down at a table, bless it together, scoop my own food etc, it's something that I have never done in the past 16 months except for my first meal in Jamaica when we ate with Pres and Sis Hendricks for the first time as new missionaries, a couple times in Cayman. So that was pretty exciting for me!

Have a great week! Have fun at Lawrence Welk!! One Love!

Elder Colton Harris

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