Monday, July 14, 2014

Spicy Curried Goat!

What's up everyone! Hope things are going well!. So I am emailing from an internet cafe today. We normally email in the family history center at the church, but our church got robbed this past week. I thought that if any church building in world would not get robbed, it would be the church buildings in Jamaica.. I was wrong. The church buildings, well really every building including our house has grills on all the windows and doors here. They call them grills here, but it basically just means really thick metal caging, kinda like what I would picture in a prison, only in the church they have decorations and are painted. They somehow either cut their way or melted their way through the grills and stole some computers so the rest are now locked up a little bit tighter in storage.

St. is still doing really great! He came to church yesterday and is basically set to be baptized on the 26th! He should have his interview this week. I'm so glad that he stopped us on the streets a couple weeks ago! He is still introducing us to a lot of his friends. We are working with them slowly until he gets baptized, then he is going to be a super awesome fellow shipper for them! We have others that we are working with but they are still developing faith, not quite repenting yet, but soon come.

We did service for our bishop this week. We went over and chopped his yard for him and then burned all of the weeds and leaves that we raked up. Leaves here fall year round since it is a tropical island, not just in the fall like back home. Yesterday Sis P. fed the spiciest curried goat I have ever eaten in my life!.. and probably the spiciest meal that I have ever eaten. Jamaicans like spice and I have gotten used to pretty spicy food, even enjoy it a lot, but this was a new level. Her house was so hot and there is no fan, so between the heat from the house and the heat from the spice, sweat was just drip, drip, drippin’ from my face. I let the sweat drip onto my curried goat hoping that it would cool the spice down even a little bit lol. Kinda gross thinking about it now, but in the moment it seemed like the only way to survive. When I got to the Boulevard area Elder Stewart talked about how spicy the curry goat was that Sis P. fed him the week before I got here. He couldn't stop talking about it for like 3 weeks, now I realize what he was talking about! So during the world cup games this week we could basically listen to the whole game just by walking down the streets here. Everyone had them on and so as we walked past every house it was like we were just walking with a tv set right next to us, at least the audio part. Then when there was scores or during the PK's, pots and pans were clashing and cheering and shouting and horns and noisemakers, I felt like I was in the stadium watching the game live. No one was on the streets during the games, but as soon as the final whistle was blown the streets were packed and everyone was outside again! Jamaica is great. I can't imagine what it is like during the world cup in places like Brazil or Argentina.

Well have a great rest of your time in California family! I got the pictures you sent me in the mail, thank you! Have a great week! One Love.
Elder Colton Harris

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