Monday, July 21, 2014

I am getting way easy to please when it comes to everything, especially food!

Hi. <-- I'm trying to start my letters differently and that is the most creative I can get right now that you guys can understand. I could have said, “Wah ya deh apon? Tings cris out here man.. but mi nah wanna boddah wit no twangin so mi jus gwaan chat di english.” Alright so another productive week. Not too much to report on other than we have a baptism coming up on Saturday! St. has already had his interview and is good to go. I'm way excited. My 2 baptisms here came my very first weekend in Boulevard and now my very last weekend in Boulevard, with a lot of very hard work in-between!

So I invited President Brown to come to my district meeting a few weeks ago and for the past 3 weeks he has told that he will be there for that week. Well the first two weeks he never showed up, so I had to stress about those two district meetings for nothing. He finally came this week and it was great, but I was thinking, "How many A-game district meetings does he think I can plan for and pull off in a row..?" So 3 weeks of stress is over now. Man I wish he could join every district meeting even tho I stress about it, his insights and the way he put things was powerful! I loved it! I had Elder Wilkerson start of with a 5 minute spiritual thought on prayer, 30 minutes later it got over, but the things President brought up and talked about during it made it feel like it was only a 5 min spiritual thought cuz the time flew. We had a little party afterwards with doughnuts and juice and then we had interviews with president. Interviews were just as good, at least my interview was. IDK about anyone elses.

Yesterday we had a dinner appointment.. I got to try another brand new thing. Stewed chicken gizzard. For 3/4 of the meal I thought it was liver, but I was wrong. It didn't taste too bad...but then again don't take my word for it cuz I am getting way easy to please when it comes to everything, especially food. We just poured it over rice and then nyamed (ate).

Well that's about it for the week. This next week is going to fly by for us out here! I'll report on everything that goes on this upcoming week cuz we are going to be busy. Tomorrow we are heading to Hellshire for a couple hours, you'll either have to find out where and what that is or wait until next week to find out. Have a good 24th of July week!

One Love.

Elder Colton Harris

Pic: Eatin’ a mango…that's all I got this week

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