Monday, June 30, 2014

Am I that Converted? and Happy 4th of July!

Hello once again! Another week of emailing is here already! We had a great week. St. came to church this week again so he is on date for the 19th of July! We called him this week to confirm an appointment and when we called him he was trying to explain the Book of Mormon to his boss. He was like, “I wish you were here to explain it to him cuz he wants to know about it. We were like well we can actually make that happen.” So we met his boss later that night and had a great lesson with him as well. We also had a cottage meeting at a less actives house that we have been working with and St. came to that as well. The less active taught the lesson and she taught it on the atonement. Afterwards for the activity we did karaoke, that was really fun!  

So funny story about Jamaica. So I told you last week that Jamaicans are way into the world cup and most of them root for Brazil. Well on Saturday morning we were having a missionary correlation meeting with our branch mission leader and it was during the Brazil game. Everyone here likes to be loud and they have their windows open all the time, but when Brazil scored, there was cheering and clapping and like the blow horn things going off all around us! The way they were cheering I thought I was in a stadium, yet I was in a neighborhood lol. It was just funny to be completely surrounded by cheering even though we were in a neighborhood.

Yesterday I went and did and did an interview for the office elders. Her name is P. C. Her birthday is on Tuesday, July 1 (like someone else’s bday I know!) She actually wanted to be baptized on her birthday so she will be baptized on Tuesday. She is way nice and way humble. The office elders got her as a referral from the S. Family. The S. Family are Bro W.’s family that he hadn't seen for many many years if you remember that email. They aren't really progressing right now but from them they were able to find Sis C. Some of the S.’s also agreed to come to Sis C.’s baptism so that's good. Sis C. lives in a house about 10 ft by 12 ft with one of her sons. It is made out of 2x4's and some old plywood for walls and some tin on the roof. Houses like that are very very typical. It amazes me of people’s faith. She isn't employed, but she goes to the hospital everyday and helps patients fill their prescriptions and stuff. No one has ever asked her to she just does it because that is the kind of person she is. She got $700 from someone a couple days ago and put $200 of it as tithing. $700 is about $7 US, but when she literally has 0 income and has no idea where even the next couple dollars are going to come from, $200 is a lot. I encouraged her to just pay the 10% in the future but she just is so giving, wants to help people less fortunate than her! She has had a heart attack and she still walks to church, and the church is a very good distance from her house, a good couple miles. Am I that converted??

Well that's about it.  Happy America day when it comes! Happy Birthday tomorrow Dad!! I love you and hope you have a great day! Thank you for all that you do!! Have a great week everyone! One Love.

Elder Colton Harris

Pic 1) Just waiting for a lesson to start
Pic 2) Akee and minced corned beef. I realized this week that ever since I got back from Cayman, I have had spaghetti at least 4 or 5 times a week for the past 4 1/2 months. Mac and cheese is a close 2nd on that list and I am getting tired of both of them so I am trying to expand my cheap, quick, and easy meals lol. Akee is the national fruit here, it's very poisonous if you cook it wrong I hear, good thing imma pro. Some guy keeps jumping the fence in our yard and stealing akee so our landlord picked all of them off and gave us some since she had way too much!
Pic 3) Happy 4th of July!!!

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