Monday, June 2, 2014

A Lot of Hard Work

Dear Home,
Well we were able to have a pretty good week this week. We stayed busy teaching a lot of lessons this week! We area still working with S., she has read the Book of Mormon all the way through. It only took her like 2 months. She was also reading the gospel principles book, D&C, Bible all at the same time. She has started the Book of Mormon over already. She has only one concern that is holding her back. We are going to try and have a lesson with her this week and have her sister who is a member in Washington DC join us over Skype for it, I think she will be able to help us out.  We have been continuing to work with others as well, I don't think there are any crazy stories to tell about those investigators this week tho. Just same old same old with them. 
So we are able to go to the Saturday session of Stake conference this week!! Yes! It took some asking, and some persuading but we are allowed to go now! Only missionaries that are close to Spanish Town get to go tho, so I still feel bad for others who won't be able to be apart of the stake conference at all. Elder Holland and Elder Cornish will be getting here on Friday! There are so many people flying in for this weekend, a lot of past missionaries and a lot of members who have migrated to other countries are coming. There is not going to be nearly enough room for everyone between the two buildings, but at least we get to see Elder Holland live once. A lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears from members and missionaries for literally decades to help Jamaica get to this point where it is at. The testimonies that were born yesterday were very spiritual, it is Jamaica's time to really be a stronghold to the gospel! The members here have really grown a lot in the previous months leading up to this. They have become so much more self reliant spiritually and the church will take off after this great additional blessing of becoming part of Zion. This is a great time to be in Jamaica.
There isn't much else to write about, this week was pretty typical. Weather is good, work is good, life is good. Have a great week! Enjoy summer! One Love!
Pic 1) Almost my whole district, 4 more missionaries and then that is my complete district.
Pic 2) Likkle piece of tief!!


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