Monday, June 23, 2014

Representing Brazil and Liver!

So this week was a pretty typical week. I feel like I'm serving in Devin’s mission. All of Jamaica is decked out with Brazil flags and banners. Jamaicans take the world cup very seriously and most of them are rooting for Brazil to win! A lot of them are wearing bracelets and arm bands with Brazil on it as well. I had to join in the Brazil fest in order to Rep it for Devin, so I bought a flag as well. There is some Argentina stuff and some people are rooting for Germany, but overwhelmingly Brazil is Jamaica's favorite! So we had a great lesson with Sh. this week. We have been trying so hard to get her over this concern. We read the testimonies at the beginning of the Book of Mormon then the spirit took over from there. It was a powerful lesson that we had with her and it got her heart and mind stirring. At the end of the lesson I testified that the spirit was present and that we were all able to feel it. She then added her testimony that the spirit was there as well. I explained how the spirit could only be here touching our hearts if what was taught was true. If it wasn't true then it couldn't be here testifying to us. It was great. St. is our progressing investigator this week. We met him last week and have had some great lessons with him! He came to church yesterday as well. We also took a potential missionary out teaching with us this week. We went to an area called 3 miles and when we got there he like blacked out right on the side of the road. IDK what happened but there were a whole bunch of school kids and stuff that surrounded him, then i went and bought him some water. Then we sit him up. A lady from across the street comes over and told us to take him to the clinic. He literally blacked out in the clinic’s front yard so it was pretty convenient. Nothing was wrong with him maybe just dehydrated. We were in the furthest part of our area too, way far from both of our houses so we called the office elders to come and they came and picked us up and took him home. It was still a good day tho. Friday our Ward mission leader invited us over for dinner. He fed us liver. I ate it, but it wasn't my favorite. At first I just thought it was some sort of beef that was just cooked bad, but then they broke the news to us. We also got a new ward mission leader this week. It's a RM that just got off his mission. There were a lot of sustainings at church on Sunday so now we have more leaders than just a bishop! :) Well have a great week! Love you all!

Love Elder Harris

Pic 1) Reppin Brazil!
Pic2 ) Elder Jackson and I at Stake conference 2 weeks ago
Pic 3) Our liver dinner. Also had boiled green bananas, dumpling, boiled sweet potatoes, and some veggies. Ha there is a cut in the dumpling because I was in the middle of cutting it when they told me it was liver, so I stopped and took a picture mid slice! :)

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