Monday, June 16, 2014

It's not pizza cooking in the brick's me!

Dear everyone!

I hope all of your weeks were good! Mine was good out here! The only downside of our week was it was very, very, very hot this week! It has been so unbearable! It's gotten a lot hotter this past week then it has been in the past! There is nowhere to escape the heat in Jamaica either. We are literally always outside in Jamaica, even when we are indoors, we are still basically outside cuz all the windows are open. Ha...our house that we live in is made of cement, so we basically live in a brick oven, the only bad part is it's not pizza cooking in the brick oven.. it's me! Since we have cement walls, we lay on our bed and throw ice cubes at the wall so that they shatter and snow on us. It is the only way to cool off even a little bit, fans on high mode just blow the hot air around, so instead of a brick oven, we live in a convection oven when the fans are on lol. Anyways it's hot out here, but things are still going good.

Transfer calls were this week. I am staying another 6 weeks in Boulevard with Elder Jackson. It'll be a good 6 weeks. That will put me at 6 months of being in Kingston when I leave. Elder Jackson is doing great. He transitioned really well to Jamaica, I can't believe that he's been here for 3 months already. If anyone wants to lose weight quick, come join us on a bicycle in Jamaica. Elder Jackson lost over 40 pounds his first 8 weeks of being here!! He's still going down in lbs. as well. Wow lol.

So it was great to attend a WARD yesterday!! It's going to take some time for me to get used to saying stake, ward and bishop cuz I just barely got into my mind saying district, branch, and branch president. It was a cool experience. All we have is a bishop right now as a leader since everyone in the district was released last week by Elder Holland. He is still working on extending and re-extending callings to people, so next week there are going to be a lot of people being sustained! It's great to be in a stake but there is still a lot of work to do here. We have one stake but now we are going to start working on stake #2. I think there is kind of like an unwritten goal of trying to apply for the 2nd stake, the Mandeville stake, within a year from now, so hopefully that happens! :)

We still are teaching some people. S. is slowing down, she knows it is true and has received a spiritual witness, but there is one thing holding her back from acting. We are also working with M. C.. We taught him a couple months ago, but then he stopped meeting with us. We just stopped by his house last week and he thought that us stopping by was an answer to his prayers and we had him at an FHE last week at the D’s. He is doing well, others are doing good too.

So happy father’s day dad! I love you! And also my grandpas out there! Thank you for all that you do! I think that's about it for me.

Have a great week! One Love.

Elder Colton Harris

This is a link to an article on about the stake.
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Pic 1) Playing some FIFA :)
Pic 2) My district (including zone leaders and assistants)

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