Monday, February 3, 2014 last full week in Cayman!

Well sadly this is my last full week left in Cayman :) I am so so so not ready to leave yet!! I love this place way too much! These past 4 transfers have just gone by way too fast! I can't believe it, just the other day I had 6 months ahead of me out here! It didn't set in until I just logged onto my email and the mission sent us our plane tickets! Dang no it has hit home! This week is going to go by so fast tho!!

Well this week was pretty solid! So I have been hearing about all of my friends and fam that are on missions getting all of this new technology and stuff (Iphones and Ipads) and I don't want to be left out, so I will let you guys in on some pretty exciting news that we got a couple weeks ago.  So our mission got approved by the area to get all of the houses in Jamaica a... bump da du dum!!!!.....  wait for it, wait for it! As of January (last month) our mission has started phasing in MICROWAVES to all of the houses in Jamaica!! YAY YAY YAY!! Boom, so while you guys are all on your new fangled devices, we are going to be able to warm up some food quickly and without burning my fingers every time I want to start our propane stoves with a match and it blows up on me!! Now I hope that you guys don't take this and become jealous, I just wanted to throw out my good news too.  So there ya have it, you guys can all rejoice with our whole mission! :) So hopefully my house has a microwave when I go back to Jamaica next week!
Well my birthday was good this week :) I am now officially twenteen!!!! Ha still a teenager.  We went to Subway for lunch, then Pres and Sister J. invited us over for dinner.  We had ribs, and chicken and a whole bunch of other things! It is almost like she knew what I always get on my bday, but I really never told her! I made it through almost the whole day then the sisters floured me (a Jamaican birthday tradition is to pour flour over someone on their birthday) when we were leaving!! Also the branch on Monday, we had an FHE and it was also bday party for me and Sis Tominey so that was cool.

The Sisters wrecked our car this week too.  They kick us out and put us on bikes, then they wreck our beautiful 4-wheeled luxury item! Man that is our luck!
On Saturday night we did some jerk at R’s house and he taught us how to do it!! We be professional now!! R. is awesome!!

Sunday at church testimony meeting was powerful! It was a really good meeting. Pres J. bore his testimony on Joseph Smith, and in it he talked a lot about Willard Richards.  After church, Willard Richards came up to Pres and introduced himself to him!! No joke, this was Willard Richards like 4th or 5th great-grandson, and he had a son named Willard as well who is going on a mission soon. He was just a visitor as well. It was crazy! Man some things that happen are crazy, probably no coincidence. 

Well I think that is all I have to write today, have a good week! BTW I called the Seahawks! 

Love Elder Harris

Elder Runyan, Elder Harris, Sister Tominey, and Sister Christiansen

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