Monday, January 27, 2014

Celebrating a Birthday in Cayman!

Yo what's up?! So this week has been a pretty good one! It sounds like you and I are having almost the same weather, which can't be a good thing at all!  Hopefully some snow starts falling soon! (on your side of the world, not mine!) So this week we had a baptism!  Da. was baptized on Saturday! It was a really good baptismal service.  Da. who is 6'9", was baptized by De. who is like 5'4"! It was awesome! Da. got on his knees in the font to be baptized, and he was still taller than De.!  So I need to be careful what I say about De. because he says that he reads these letters when you put them on Facebook, so this is a Shout Out to De. D. C.!! :) So Da. wears size 16 shoes too! It is going to be so good for his wife too, she is a member from the Philippines, so now they can work towards the temple!

So yesterday at church a record was set for attendance!! We had 151 people! Our entre overflow room was filled and they were lined down the hall.  Too bad there were only like 80 Caymanian members here still tho, the rest were tourists! So one lady that was visiting from Utah, Sister M., heard about how E. and R. B., and J. were planning on going to the temple soon.  E. and R. were the ones I talked about right before Christmas. J. is a recent convert from Cuba. Both of them are struggling financially really bad.  Somehow she heard that they have been wanting to go to the temple, but just haven't been able to cuz of money.  She then asked the branch president if she could pay all 3 of their ways to the temple! Holy cow, what a blessing to them!  She is such a nice lady for doing that. They are so happy!! It is going to be such a blessing to them!

So not too much else went on this week, just normal stuff.  

So the branch is having a branch FHE tonight, and I have to get to it right now, I hope that you guys start to get some moisture! Have a good week! Thanks for the birthday wishes too! There is no better place to have a birthday than Grand Cayman! Love you guys!

Love Elder Harris

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