Monday, January 20, 2014

Disney Cruise and True Dedication!

Well my weeks are quickly winding down in Cayman! I only have like 20 days left, man it is crazy!! I don't want to leave this place! There is no doubt that this is the best area in the world for any missionary to serve!! I have no idea how I lucked out with it!
So there is a quick story that I forgot to say last week.  So last week we had our usual PEC meeting before church and it gets over a half hour before church starts so that people there can go home and pick up their families.  So Bro A., who is our branch mission leader, was on his way back to the church and he saw a family of 5 walking dressed up like they were going to church.  He stopped and asked if they needed a ride somewhere.  He said that she almost apologetically said "Yeah we are going to the Mormon Church." He obviously was like, “Get in we are going there”, but the story behind it is this family got off of their Disney Cruise in their church clothes, thought they could walk to church with their 3 little kids, (they didn't know it was a 2.5 hour walk from the docks to get here), and then walk back afterwards.  They actually took a wrong street that is why they ended up close to where Bro A. lives.  They would have never made it if he didn't see them. After church he took them for a drive around the island to see all the cool things. Man it was dedication for them to get off that cruise ship and want to walk to church! 
Anyways the week started out pretty good.  On Monday we had an FHE with 2 families.  One was a member family and the other was a non member family.  Bro H. coaches his son’s soccer team and so he always has his 9 year old son invite his friends to church.  Every week about 4 or 5 of them come with him each week, it is actually pretty cool.  Even during the primary Christmas program during sacrament meeting in December there were like 4 of these kids who wanted to participate in it even tho they haven't practiced it so that was cool to get them involved.  So one of the kids his name is Z.. Every week he asks when he can be baptized.  We tell him well it doesn't really work like that.  He asks his mom the same question tho throughout the week so that has sparked curiosity in her.  W. H. asked her if we could have an FHE at her house and she said ya.  So we did.  We had a really awesome lesson on faith. Afterwards the mom was still really interested so she asked if she could come to church and if we could come back and teaches the family.  We of course were able to squeeze her into our week.  We went back on Saturday and had a HTBT (How to begin Teaching) lesson with them and then taught the restoration. The dad was very, very closed minded.  He will be the one to hold the whole family back, which is sad. They didn't show up to church like she said they would and I think he had something to do with it.  Hopefully we can continue working with them.
D. is getting baptized on Saturday! We are excited about that.  He wants to do it in the font at the church.  The font at the church is tiny tho and D. is 6'9".  He is perfect for the ocean but he doesn't want to.  The ocean doesn't impress locals like it does us!!
I did some baptism interviews for Turks and Caicos and Nassau this week.  The candidates from Turks were from Haiti and we had to have an interpreter. That was pretty cool.  I am expounding my culturalization from just Beaver lol.
Oh I got my toenail removed again this week.  It was pretty bad.  I got a fourth of the nail removed and a bunch of skin around it.  He said he had to remove the skin or it would grow in again just like it did last time. I can tell you this, that I love 1st world hospitals so much more then 3rd world!! Man it was a night and day difference.  Speaking of hospitals I have heard that Elder Martin is doing very well.  (Elder Martin is a missionary serving in Jamaica who was hit by a car earlier in the month.)  It is a miracle that he is recovering this fast, let alone even being alive still.  Elder Walker (area medical adviser) said that at one point he had one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel.  Truly a miracle in every form! He is planning on being released from the hospital within 10 days probably and then he will have to stay in Jamaica for a while longer before they will allow him to fly. Well I don't have my camera cord to send pics, sorry. Next week.  Hope you guys have a good week! Love ya!
Love Elder Harris
P.S. I read this talk this week and it is very good, everyone should read it!

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