Monday, January 13, 2014

Best News Since the Restoration of the Gospel!

What's up!! This week has been good!! I can't believe that I have less than a month left in Cayman, it is so sad!! Well this week we ate the iguanas that we caught on Monday.  They were pretty good. I can't compare it to any other meat, but chicken would be the closest that I can think of.  Friday we had an awesome youth activity on the beach.  We had a really good turn out. We played beach volley, football, and had pizza and cookies so that was really fun! 
We have only been staying in George Town this week so we have been talking with a lot of new people that we hope to start teaching! BTW,, pres Brown just sent us a purchase order for a new car!! Best news I have heard since the restoration of the  Gospel!!! Man I hope we can get this thing quick, the heat is so brutal in Cayman!! The devotional was also very good last night! Man I wish that everyone in the world could have heard that!! Sorry it is short again. Gotta hit the bike again! Keep it real!! Love you all! 

On a bike in Cayman!

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