Monday, January 6, 2014

Iguana Hunting!

Alright well I have to be quick today.  This week was good. New Years was good as well. We hung out with our neighbors for awhile, they are members and invited over a couple other families in the branch for a while.  Had a pretty good time. The beginning of this week was really really slow as far as teaching is concerned.  Tuesday the sisters got here, took our car away from us! That was not cool at all. I do not like being on a bike here. I never realized how big Cayman actually is until I saw it from the vantage point of a bicycle! We stay in a lot smaller area then we thought we could take cuz it is impossible to cover that whole area.  It is so slow getting around as well. Bikes aren't very effective out here but whatever I guess. The bikes we got were the cheapest on the whole island. They were brought brand new but they broke a couple times the first half hour we were on them. Yeah they are terrible.  The work should have been picking up right now but it is still slow for us cuz of these bikes.  Anyways today we went iguana hunting again. We caught 4 pretty good sized ones. We went out in the bush and went crocodile hunter for a couple hours. We are going to cook them up and eat them tomorrow. G., who is a member here from Honduras took us.  They eat them a lot where he is from I guess. So I do have only a short time to email today.  Glad you guys had fun in California!!! Hope you guys have a good week!! Love you guys! And happy new year!!

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