Monday, February 24, 2014

Now Is Her Time!

Dear Everyone! This week was really good! We had a baptism!! Sister K. was able to be baptized on Sunday morning! Her husband has been a member for like 10 years, and she has been taught off and on for that whole time.  I guess right now was just her time. She is super cool and her husband is super excited! He has been praying for this for so long!!
District meeting was good this week! I went on a trade off to the Constant Springs area on Wednesday and Thursday.  So you asked about my area and district.  My district includes missionaries from the 3 branches here in Kingston.  The Downtown branch has the office elders plus another companionship, our branch has us, a sister companionship, plus the Sister Training Leaders. The Constant Springs branch has the AP's and Zone Leaders, and one other companionship. The area we cover is up and down what is called the Washington Boulevard, so it reminds me of St. George a little bit. We have a nice house with all the appliances we need.  Sorry this letter is very short.  Not too much has happened besides that. It was a good week tho! Can't believe it has been 1 year!! Time flies!! Happy 18th Birthday Devin! Love ya man! Hope everyone has a great week!
Love Elder Harris
View of Downtown Kingston from mountains

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