Monday, February 17, 2014

Back on the Rock!

Good morning everyone! Well I am back on the rock! I got here early Tuesday, the flight back was fine, really quick.  Got here and went teaching with the zone leaders for the rest of the day.  We stayed at the AP's house and it was the night all the new missionaries got here and they stayed there too.  It was fun to see them, reminded me of my first night in Jamaica a year ago! Transfers on Wed were good, got to see a lot of missionaries! That was fun! Thursday was good as well, I went back to Spanish Town for the leadership training.  My new comp and I get along really good! The house I have is really nice too. I am starting to get used to this area now.  I am going to have to cuz if I were a betting man I would bet that I am training here next transfer. The branch just re did their leadership last month and so the new ones are excited and on fire.  It is going to be a really good thing.  There are quite a few hills here which are killing me on the bike! I've only been in really flat areas before so this will be new! 2 recent converts here in this branch are 2 that we found while I was here 6 months ago so that was really cool! One of the her name is S., the other one is M. if you remember me talking about him a long time ago.  We only started teaching S. tho cuz M. wasn't in our area. It is cool to see the progress that they have made, from seeing them the first day not having a clue about the gospel, to now a couple months later, the difference is so crazy! Well I think that is about it for now, I hope everyone has a good week! Love you all!
Love Elder Colton Harris
Leaving Grand Cayman

Looks delicious!

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