Monday, May 6, 2013

Downpours and Blender Mis-hap!

Wah Gwaan?! (What's up)  Well this week has been a pretty good week, not too much going on this week.  Were teachin and workin hard, still riding in the sun all day and this week we also rode in alot of rain.  Here in Jamrock you just ride in it.  Huge downpours like I have never seen before you just put your stuff in your backpack in a scandle bag (plastic grocery bag) and just keep going.  I was kind of hesitant at first but now it's just pretty fun.  Just hittin big puddles riding through mud, I tried to dodge it all at first but once you get wet you just don't even care anymore and just make it fun, it was pretty fun but it did make a ton more laundry for me to do and since I hand wash I think that I am going to reconsider the amount of puddles that I am going to ride through in the future.  Some puddles are just unavoidable tho, some of the streets just get completely flooded like flooded like you see on the news all the time.  We had an appointment that we had to make it to and this happened to this road that we had to take to get there. The puddle was the whole width of the rode and sidwalks and stuff and at least a 1 1/2 to 2' deep so we just peddled right through it for about 50 or 60'.  Fun times lol. 
We also had a little mis-hap with a blender this week.  Elder Adamson and Elder Romney stopped by, they are ZL's on the other side of the island but they were in Kingston for something and Elder Adamson bought this new blender that he couldn't wait to get home to try out so he brought it over to our house and it just went downhill from there.  We loaded that thing with veg and fruit and it was blending nicely then all over a sudden the lid exploded off and green smoothie went EVERYWHERE!! It was so awesome! :) It happened just like the movies.  It was pretty funny until we actually had to clean it up, but we still had fun.


Well one of our top investigators who was progressing SO good and was supposed to be baptized this sunday fell off this week.  One day he was fine talking about how excited he was for baptism and stuff and the next day we show up at his house and his mom walks out and hands us the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets that we gave him and told us never to come back.  We were shocked because she haas never ever been rude to us when we were over there or anything.  His name is P and we came to find out because he has a friend that is in the branch that talked to him that he went on the internet and started reading anti-mormon articles and now he wants nothing to with this church because of the crap that he read.  Crazy how satan works.

Well I can't wait to call home on mothers day!!  I am working on arrangements to skype home sometime in the evening, probably like 7 in the evening Utah time.  I am going to have one of the members here that I am working with e-mail you and let you know the exact time hopefully and the the rest of the plans.  That's the plan and hopfully it works out all good.

Love you guys, we're about to go to a members house here, Sis E, she invited all 8 of the Spanish Town elders over for food and games and stuff today so it should be good.  We DEEP CLEANED our house this morning and you would be proud mom of how good I cleaned the bathroom today :)

Love you,

Elder Colton Harris

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