Monday, May 20, 2013

Ahhh, a couch!

So what's up guys? It has been a pretty good week out here.  We have gotten quite a bit of work done.  It has been hot out here as usual.  Thanks for the email Devin, Don't have too much fun at the imagine dragons concert without me! It sounds like it will be really fun!! So I recieved a whole lot of dearelder letters this week because it has been like three weeks since the ZL's picked up mail so that was fun to read everyones letters that you sent me mom.  It sounds like Cody Harris is serving in his own little Jamaica lol, it sounds like he's having fun though.  So not too many stories to be told this week.  Oh I do have one big story to tell.  So this week I gave a lesson, and that's not the crazy part yet, but I gave the lesson while sitting on a COUCH!!! It was so nice to give a lesson in an actual living room!! We were teaching this Young man named C., I tried dragging that lesson out so long, bore an extra long testimony, expounded into more of the doctorine that we were teaching just to  stay sitting on the couch for as long as I could, the couch felt so nice.  It wasn't even like a super nice couch, but at least it was a couch.  95% of the lessons we teach out here are taught either in there driveway or front porch or under a tree or something while I am either standing, sitting on a hard metal chair, cinder block, curb, or the one that we do the most often is pull our bike sideways and sit on the bar of the bike if that makes sense, so now you know why a couch is a big deal!!  All of my friends and cousins serving in the states have it so nice!! So yesterday we also ended up with 3 dinner appointments on accident.  I'm not really sure how it happened but I didn't complain.  Normally we only get fed once, maybe twice a week so 3 in one day was crazy.  Now all 3 meals were chicken and rice and peas but you just get used to eating that food. I was kind of sick afterwards, no one should have that much rice inside their body at one time.
One of his three dinners
Well we also found someone who has to be the most prepared person for the gospel ever!  His name is S. and he is such a boss.  We were riding our bikes down this road when someone yells something at us, I didn't think anything of it because that happens all the time but Elder Wright turned around so I did too and we went up to talk to him and he actually told us that the spirit told him to stop us as we were passing so he did.  That was our first clue that he had potential because he knew how the spirit works, he said he felt it in his heart which isn't something that a lot of Jamaicans understand, they think you need to jump and dance and clap and roll on the ground etc to feel the spirit, and that's what happens in all of the churches around here, even the one he goes to but he says that he doesn't like that.  He also told us that very first night we met him that people shouldn't limit what God can do, that he has more words out there in the world somewhere and he is going to find those words.  We introduced the Book of Mormon to him and he just lit up like I have never seen anyone light up before.  When we told him that he could keep it he was just so thankful and happy.  He was like thank you thank you thank you, this is the most precious gift I have ever received.   We invited our future mission president, Pres Brown over for the next lesson that we had with him and Pres just rocked his world. I even learned a whole lot in that lesson.  After we left him the first night I promised elder Wright that he is going to be a strong leader in the church in Jamaica someday.  Elder Wright says that he hasn't ever seen anyone like him before and he has been out 23 1/2 months.  He was dissapointed too when we told him that he couldn't serve a mission because he is 26 and because he has a kid, HE WANTED TO SERVE A MISSION AS SOON AS WE MET HIM!! CRAZY!! Well I amgoing to send you a couple pics of places we eat at and shop at and stuff.  I don't have a lot and they aren't the best pics but you'll get the jist of it since someone asked me for them last week.
Irie Jerk Center: we usually eat her a couple times a month too, usually after Zone Meetings since there are more missionaries to eat.  These places that I sent home are really nice too, other cook shops are just a old old abandoned look plyboard shop.  For Jerk Chicken, I always look for the most run down shop because it usually tastes better there

This is a cook shop that we eat at twice a week, after district meeting and usually one other time

This is where we shop for groceries, it is called Shoppers Fair and it is actually a nice store, pretty Americanised.

Well I hope you guys have another good week.  Next week for Pday we are taking a trip to Ochie, which I think is supposed to be a short name for Ochorios.  It is about 2 1/2 hours from here where I am serving and it is a tourist town where cruise ships come in and dock so it is supposed to be pretty fun, I'm looking forward to it.  Well I love you all. 
Love Elder Harris
Our church building here in Spanish Town
Elder Harris and Elder Wright

Ninja game 2 pdays ago

Sis Edwards, the one that the
Yardley kid knows I think. A Sis Laden remembers Elder Smith

New grey pants and a tie Colton bought because he said all his black pants were sooo hot.
My Pepsi expires on Kierstins birthday :) (sorry mom)

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