Monday, May 27, 2013

Last week a couch...this week carpet!

Hello everyone!! It has been another good week this week.  Not too much changes from week to week around here.  Pres shut our Ochie trip down so we are just staying in Spain today ): Well I just talked to Devin and he said that you all are at the Memorial Day thing right now, I hope you guys are having fun.  I miss summer time, I bet you guys are stoked to be done with school!!!! I know I would be!!
Well mom my trainers name is Akeem Wright.  If you write him do it as soon as possible, next week Wed is transfers so that means I will be finding out who my next comp is on Sat and I will be leading the area starting next week.  We'll see how that goes lol!
So we had a baptism this week!! On Saturday K. got baptized. 
I got to perform the ordinance as well.  It was a really cool experience for me, it helps me remember why I am really out here.  She has been being taught for a long time so it is cool to finally see her get baptized.  K. is actually the person that I had my first lesson with ever as a missionary if you remember that pic I sent home of me and her and my comp the first week out here.  There was strong support from the branch that showed up to support her as well that was good.  They say  that I am serving in the strongest branch in the mission so I guess that's not suprising.  We couldn't get a member of the branch presidency there to welcome her tho, the branch president told us he would be there and we called him a couple mins after the baptism was supposed to start and he was like oh yeah I am running a little late in Port More right now so I can't make it.  Other than that things ran really smooth.  So last week for church , church is supposed to start at 9:30 and not one member of the branch presidency was there at 9:30.  They started showing up at like 9:35 9:40.  Jamaica standard time ha it's crazy.  I also had to teach Gospel Principals class last week because the teacher didn't show up.  They told me to teach so I stood up walked to the front they told me what chapter the lesson was on then I had to go from there. I had to teach chapter 18 and it turned out pretty good. :)
So last week I got to teach a lesson while sitting on a couch, this week I got to walk on some carpet!!! It was so nice to walk on the carpet it felt so good underneath my feet! I didn't realize it until I walked on this carpet but no one here has carpet, they either have tile floors or cement floors everywhere.  I didn't realize how much I love carpet until I haven't got to step on it for 3 months!
So today is also my 3 month mark!! :) I celebrated by riding bikes out to Angels Plaza, it is a shopping plaza about 30 mins away riding a bike from our house and ordered some cinnomon sticks, they were really good!! So happy 3 months to myself :) And happy 3 months to Cody Harris :)
So mom thank you so much for the cockroach traps that you sent me out with that I didn't want to take!! We haven't caught very many cockroaches with them but we did catch that big scorpion and this week we caught 3 mice on them! Yeah we have been having a little mouse problem at our house so those are working great!!
So last night we were able to go to a members house and have a lesson with one of their neighbors that they have been sharing the gospel with.  It was a really good lesson, this guy is so prepared to receive the gospel.  His name is M. and has the biggest desire to change his life around.  He told us that he was having a kind of bad day and that when he walked into their house for the lesson something happened to him, he said that he just got happy and he didn't know why.  Elder Wright explained that that is the spirit that he felt.  He agreed with us.  Now I know why we have been being told, invite referrals to be taught in the members home. That is supposed to be our first goal to try and reach. If that can't work then have the member go with us to see them, if that doesn't work use the members name when we visit them. I see now how big of a difference each of those 3 things can have on someone.  It was a really good lesson.
Well there isn't much left to say, that's really cool about having all of those farewells lately, that's crazy about Cody Harris in Oklahoma! Hope everything is alright down there, he is there for a reason. Well have a good week guys !! LOVE YA!!
Elder Colton Harris

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