Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Wah gwaan? It was so so so so good to see you guys yesterday and to hear your voices, I have missed that so much!! I did tell you happy mothers day mom but that is all I did and I feel bad.  I never told you how thankful I am for you and all that you have done for me in my life.  Thanks for the love and support through everything.  You truly are a great great blessing to me in my life.  Thank you for the way that you have raised me.  You really are the best mom I could ever ask for.  I love you so much! Yesterday really was a a treat to see all of you.  Marissa, you are talking so much better!! It's crazy!!  Thanks for the kisses too Marissa!! :) The braces looked good on you too mom! :) I guess I'll see you guys again in 7 months, kind of a weird thought...
So to answer your question dad, yes, as soon as we got to the mission home we went to a back room, took our suits off, put plastic over them and hung them up on a hanger.  Pres said, "Missionaries come out here with a new suit and they go home with a new suit too."  We don't wear them to any meeting or anything.  Pres has never even wore a suit out here I don't think.  We even have Cornish, a member of the 70 coming to talk to us at the end of this month and we won't wear a suit for that.  Uhm to answer your other question about why there is cow skin and cow foot out here, but there is no beef.  I wondered the same thing and I'm not sure if this is a good answer but I stopped asking after getting this answer lol.  I asked my comp and he said cuz America takes all the beef and we are left with that stuff.  Not sure if that is the real case but like I said I stopped asking cuz I felt bad.  You can buy beef at some stores it is just more expensive and not very good quality at all.  Like I said, rice and peas and some sort of chicken for every meal.  Fried chicken, baked chicken, stewed chicken, jerked chicken, etc.  Nuf nuf rice and chicken!! (Alot of rice and chicken in patois:)  I'll start taking pictures of different places around here so you guys can see "my hood". So it was kind of cool that you got to see that Jamaica dude come and beg for my bike and try to sell me blouses and shorts and panties and belts.  (We were able to Skype with Colton on Mother's Day.  He was using a Galaxy phone with earphones so he walked around the outside of the home he was visiting and showed us a little of the neighborhood.  A young man came by  riding a bike and selling things from the bike, including panties...I told Colton to stock up on those!  He also asked Colton if he would trade him bikes. )  That stuff happens all the time here.  People walk around or bike and they sell some of the strangest things sometime. And it isn't that my bike is the best bike on the island or anything, that's not why they beg for it, they just ask for anything and everything.  I wish someone would have chatted you in patois better tho, it truly is impossible to understand people when they are talking in patois.  So I was skyping at sis M's house, you saw that living conditions and that isn't even considered like a really poor area.  Her house is made out of plywood and 2by4's.  That's just an average house, there are better and worse living conditions around here.  Tell Dallon E congrats on his call!! Tell the Browns hi too.  Oh I would like beef jerky and post it notes in my package please :) So there are places here to buy good pants I guess so you can hold off on that, I just need to get a ride to there someday, the closest store to buy descent clothes is in Port More, bout a half hour away I guess.  I loved the pics that you e-mailed me too.  Keep doin that and send some printed of pictures ocassionally too.  Well I hope I answered your questions, keep asking me specific questions in emails so I can answer them if you have any. I love you guys so much.  Happy Mother's day once again mom, your so amazing!!! I love you!!!!
Elder Colton Harris

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