Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To family,

Hey I tried emailing you guys today, but it was a super big pain.  The computers I was using were in the laundry room and there were a million people in there and the church has these computers so regulated, everything is blocked, the security setting are super high.  They were just a huge pain.  My P-day here in Tuesday so this is my only P-day here.  We’re gonna try and do laundry on Monday so I will probably be able to email that day, just not 100% sure.  I tried to send 7 pictures through email, if you didn’t get them, tell me.  There are 10 flying to Jamaica next week (yesterday now since I didn’t get this posted sooner)  6 elders and 4 sisters, I think.  As I said in the email, I am a zone leader, it’s pretty cool but it just takes up a lot of extra time and time is not one thing we have a lot of extra here.  We are kept SO busy, it’s exhausting.  I still am not getting used to it.  The food is okay.  Sunday for dinner they had steak, basically roast beef, and popcorn shrimp.  I ate almost all of the shrimp on my first plate and even some on my 2nd plate.  It started getting pretty gross by the end tho.  (His Dad and I are way impressed since he didn’t like shrimp before…of course, batter most anything and fry it up and it will be tasty!)  I see Cody (Harris, his cousin) and Adam (Kia, his friend) quite a bit and even sat by Adam at mission conference on Sunday.  He left this morning at 4:00 am tho.  Well, everything is going good here.  I’m about ready to go to the temple right now.  Tell Brock and Korie Congratulations.  I did my own laundry today.  (I am impressed!)  Well, hopefully that’s all I had that I wanted to say.  Love you guys.  Have fun.  

Elder Colton Harris

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