Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"MTC schedule is SOOO BRUTAL!"

They are so cute tho.  (In response to the picture we emailed him of his newest cousins, twin girls Harper and Scout, born to Uncle Brock and Aunt Korie on February 28, 2013.)  Thanks for all the letters, everything is going good tho, I have seen Adam quite a bit! It's awesome to see him.  The schedule here is SOOO BRUTAL!!  Everyone that has been here longer than us just tell us to get used to it because it only gets worse :( I'm gonna try and send some pictures home, hopefully it works.  Me and my companion are zone leaders so we are in charge of like 60 kids the whole week minus a couple hours when our branch president is here.  It's been good tho.. You learn so much here so fast it's incredible.  Mom do you think you can look up a collar extender on amazon or something and ship it to me please?  My collars are just a little tight.  I don't have much time so I will also write a hand written letter.  Love you all. Bye

Elder Harris and Elder Kia, 2 of the 4 Beaver "Brohas"

Elder Harris and his companion, Elder England

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