Monday, March 18, 2013

First Week in Jamaica

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey everything is going good here. It's so good to hear from home. I miss all of you guys so much, I am going to try and send a letter home this week that might go into more details. It's very hot and humid here, the people here are great. I am serving in Spanish Town, google it if you want I guess. There are 2 branches here and 8 missionaries. This is definitely a third world country, many people are so poor and are living in poverty, People living in what they call zink, or that wavy aluminum, but they all have tv and cell phones, even the kids. Priorities. My companion is named Elder Wright, He is from Kingston. He is a really good guy, strong in the faith, exactly obedient, he is a good trainer. Jerk Chicken is good, I have had it twice now. Last night the zone leaders that we are living with brought extra dinner from their appointment home with them.  It was turkey neck, chicken feet, and beans. Glad I didn't hit that meal up last night. I tried it and honestly it wasn't too bad, it was very bad!!! Ha we don't eat with members at all. Sometimes maybe once a week if you’re lucky they say.

We got a lot more missionaries than they are used to so they are dividing areas AND where everyone sleeps…new missionaries came from the MTC and in Miami we met up with 3 other missionaries whose visas got delayed, so 12 altogether, the most this mission has ever received.

I haven't seen the ocean from Jamaica yet, it was too dark when we flew in and I've been inland ever since. I had a baptism yesterday, my first one, it was really neat :) well I hope everything is going good at home. I miss you guys a lot, the work out here is hard, I am on a bike all day everyday.  It is a piece, but for Jamaican standards it is really good, people always come up and want to trade bikes with us. A lot of kids yell 'white man, white man' when we ride by. I can barely understand people when they talk, but I am getting more used to it. Well time is short, gonna try to send home some pics, love you, send me pics of my room and stuff. Bye.

Love Elder Colton Harris
Elder Romney and Elder Harris in Jamaica
(Elder Cody Ebmeyer, Colton's cousin, is serving in Washington State in Elder Romney's home ward.)

Elder Harris and Elder Wright, his trainer

Elder Harris

Elder Wright and Elder Harris with the first woman who Colton taught a lesson to in Jamaica!

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