Monday, April 7, 2014

We are getting into the rainy season!

Well thanks everyone for the emails! I have had a pretty good week out here! We are definitely getting into the rainy season because it has rained on us every day this week! It's been good, keeps the place cool, just invites a lot of mosquitoes! We have had a pretty good week. Stayed busy just teaching people. Our investigators are progressing slower than at any other time or place in my mission. I don't know what it is but the whole mission seems to be in a slow zone as far as this is concerned. Elder Jackson seems to be doing well. It has been interesting to watch him because I was in his shoes 13 months ago. You don't realize the change you make cuz it happens so slowly, but after 13 months of little changes every day, it adds up. So we have an alright sized teaching pool that we are still working with, it keeps us busy.. but we are always looking for people to teach!
District meeting went good this week. The zone leaders came to it. I thought it was really good tho. I went on a trade off with Elder Wilkerson, he was in our MTC too and we get along really good. Had a good time and stayed busy so that is always the best!
General Conference was great as well! Man I just love Elder Holland's testimonies all the time! 4 minute life talk was great as well. Elder Bednar's talk about loads was great. I liked that one because I have been learning why opposition is necessary in life and why it is there. Man they were all just way good! Also was reminded very often to turn outwards, be more loving and Christ like to everybody we see. A lot of great council was given and I can't wait to study it further! The church is true! Love all you guys!
Elder Colton Harris
Pic 1 Shopping trip! Elder Wilkerson and his comp bought like fifteen 24 packs of 16 oz soda, they want to make a couch out of empty soda bottle in there house somehow. All I know is I know get free soda as long as I give them back the bottles ;)
2) Jerk Chicken Fridays!

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