Monday, April 21, 2014

History in the Making!

Well Happy Easter to everyone! I hope that it went well! The Arizona trip and trip to California looked really fun! Easter out here is like a 4 day holiday, Friday through Monday, so everything is closed. Elder Jackson got a flat tire on Friday morning and he needed a new tube, but since we don't have the convenience of stores staying open even on holidays such as the Friday before Easter, we had to come up with a solution. It was a quick fix, I traded him bicycles and just kept going. I rode around on the rim all day Friday, and half the day Saturday until we could go and get it fixed. It was pretty fun. We rode so far those two days too! All the Jamaicans that I passed would yell, "White man! Tire soft man!" I was just was like Yeah I know! To my surprise, even after riding around for 2 days on the rim, the tire wasn't even too worn and the rim wasn't bent.

So I got the package that you sent me! Chocolate, Duck Dynasty stuff, and Costco bacon bits... probably the three most glorious things on the planet and they were all inside 1 package! Yee-ah!

So the big temple trip/EFY trip that I talked about a while back is happening this week! This is going to be so powerful for Jamaica especially since it is happening just weeks before the stake will be organized! I cannot wait until they get back and hear all of their testimonies! Everyone who is going is so excited. They have been doing their own family history work to take which makes it even better! Almost 200 people going to the temple for the first time from one little country, that has to be some sort of history making!

Another great blessing for this country is going to be getting a patriarch for Jamaica along with the stake. In the past they had to get patriarchal blessing outside of the country, now it will be so much easier!

On Monday we met a cool guy named M. The D's invited him to their FHE and he came. He told us how it was an answer to prayer because he has been praying for peace and direction in life. He came to church yesterday.

Well that is about it from Jamaica, hope everyone has a good week! Love you!

Love Elder Colton Harris

Pic 1. A cottage meeting (basically FHE) that we had this week. We watched The 10 Commandments on a projector in the middle of their street. A ton of kids showed up, but that is good cuz they really don't have too many wholesome activities to do.

Pic 2. Houses on the hill

Pic 3. Cook shop Rice and Peas and fried chicken with ketchup and hot sauce!

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