Monday, March 24, 2014

Keep working hard and give it your all!

Hey everyone.
Pday is back around already! This week was good! We had zone conference on Tuesday so we went to Spanish Town for that! It was really good! It was just what I needed to hear! We went over a lot of material. One thing that an Elder brought up that I thought was kind of cool was how short of time we have to be missionaries. The Missionary Handbook says that our time is extremely short as missionaries. I didn't fully understand how 2 years could be short until then. But after you take out 8 hours a day for sleeping, 1.5 for morning prep, 2 hours for study, 2 hours for lunch and dinner, .5 hours for night planning, 1 hour a day for other meetings throughout the week, another 1 hour a day for pday, 1 hour for travel time, and 1 hour for other things throughout the week and time wasted. All of this is being generous as well. That only leaves 6 hours a day for actual teaching, and proselyting. That is only 6 months out of the 24 that we have to teach. It makes ya want to keep working hard and give it your all!
Well transfer calls were this weekend.  I am staying here in Boulevard and I will be training! That is exciting. I don't know who he is yet, I will on Wednesday tho! Probably going to set up a chicken foot dinner for him lol! :) Jk I can't be that mean.It has been fun serving with Elder Stewart, it has been a really good transfer but time to move on.  Also mom, sisters took over Turks as well this transfer. There are 5 Elder in Freeport now, that is all the Elders have left to rep! :( I am just glad that I got my 6 months in off island when I did! There are 12 sisters coming out in the next 2 transfers and only 1 going home! When I got to the mission 1 year ago there were only 5 or 6 sisters in the entire mission, now there is going to be like over 40 I think after next month with no sign of it slowing down in our mission either. 
We have had a hard time seeing our investigators this week. They have all been so busy, well at least that is what they tell us. I wish that we could just chat with them online and call it a lesson haha. They all promised to show up to church this week as well and no one did. actually one did, hopefully she can progress. Her name is R. Not too much else is going on out here. Have a great week! Love you guys!
One Love
Elder Colton Harris
I didn't bring my cord to send pictures, sorry.

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