Monday, March 17, 2014

TIme Keeps Marching On!

Dear One and All,

Time keeps marching on! Another week is down for the count! This week we started teaching a new person, his name is A.  He is the fiance to a member from Spanish Town.  The member just moved into our branch and so she had us come and start teaching him! He is really awesome!  He is just the most sincere guy, he is basically a member of the church already and he just doesn't know it yet.  It is good for our little branch tho, they both have a daughter so next month when they get married it will be a new family in our branch.  With small branches, adding or taking away 1 or 2 families can make a huge difference!! 

I went on a trade off this week with the zone leaders. Elder Bateman came into our area with me. We had a really good time! It was fun. He was in my MTC group so it was fun to reminisce on old times.

We have also been working with a lot of less actives lately and our efforts are being paid off. This one old lady hadn't been to church in years.  She says the last time she went to church, relief society was before sacrament, so that shows you how long it has been! It only took a couple visits and now she is on fire! She is loving coming to church and has given us her granddaughter and her husband as a referral and they are also really really cool! She says that she is going to get them into the church before she dies, which could be anytime cuz she is really old lol.

So tomorrow we are having zone conference in Spanish Town. We get to go and be taught from on high! If you can believe it, transfer calls are this week already! Man this transfer has flown by! I have enjoyed serving with Elder Stewart, we get along really really well!! I think that it is going to come to an end tho! He is cool, he is from Texas, and we are basically the same person.  It also has been getting really really hot here! I didn't think it was possible for it to get more hot then it was, but I was wrong! Bring on summer! Well I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!
Elder Colton Harris

Pic 1 Us cooking chicken Bobby Flay style!
Pic 2 A picture from our hospital room a couple minutes later! JK!!!
Pic 3 don't ask
Pic 4 #mystreet!!

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