Monday, March 10, 2014

DR Temple, Here the Jamaicans Come!

Alright well it has been another week! This week was good. Last week after emailing we went to the Bob Marely museum. That was pretty cool.  We got some good pictures there! It was pretty fun. We have had a pretty good week teaching wise as well.  We have been able to start teaching a lot of new people so that is good. We are working with a guy named O. He is really cool.  He is educated as well, so that makes it even better!   He should be getting baptized within a month or so. he has been to church twice and fits in really well.  So something that is pretty cool that is going on here, I don't think that I have mentioned this in letters home yet, maybe I did, but the mission (basically the stake part, not the missionaries) has organized a huge temple trip for next month! Last I heard was that there is almost 200 members from all over Jamaica going to the temple for their first time. They are chartering a plane and they are going to the Dominican Republic temple. Members here are really excited for it! They are also using it as a youth trip for them to go and do baptisms for the dead. Because of this trip, the number of endowed members in Jamaica will almost double!! It is going to be such a big boost for Jamaica! There are also going to be a lot of families sealed together as well. Pres Brown is allowing some Elders and Sisters that are serving their missions right now from Jamaica to go with their families on this trip in order to be sealed to them.  It is a cool thing to watch happen! It reminds me of the saints in Navoo trying to get the temple completed before they had to cross the plains because they knew how much strength it would give them! Well this seems like the final push before the stake is created here. Sometime, most likely within 6 weeks after they get back from this trip, is when the stake is supposed to be established! Somehow this trip is costing the members almost nothing to go on it! It costs the youth US $50 and the adults about the same if they can afford it, so it is a huge blessing to a lot of people here. Everyone is really excited for it, and it is cool to be apart of. 
Boulevard is doing well tho.  We did quite a bit of service this week. District meeting was good. The assistants came to it as well and with them there we had like 14 missionaries, with the size of my district it could have been a zone meeting! I went on a trade off to Downtown Kingston's area, that was fun! Man that area is super! I loved it! Most Jamaicans are too scared to even go down there but I thought it was pretty fun.  There is never a dull moment when you are out on the streets in Downtown!
We also have been making a lot of fruit smoothies lately! We have a cherry, banana, mango, and grapefruit tree at our house.  At the sisters house they have a Jamaican apple tree that we steal from, we also have been getting a lot of star fruit, coconuts, limes for homemade limeade, and other stuff that I can't even pronounce.  All of it is free to us too so we have been pounding the fruit lately, and have came up with some good mixes for smoothies as well! 
Well I think that is about it, have a good week! Love you guys!
Love Elder Colton Harris
Pics are of Bob Marley Museum


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