Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Hey guys how is everything going?  It was good to hear from all of you! Sounds like once again all of you guys are doing great! It has been another really good week out here! So I will just start off with happy birthday dad! Thank you for all that you do for me, I really am so grateful to have you as my dad!
Well I am not sure how I worded the baptism for S. in my last email but I meant it like he is going to be baptized this next Saturday, the 6th.  He is still doing really great though. We have had some awesome lessons with him; all of them are just awesome actually.

Well the transition to new mission president this week has been really smooth so far, although I am foreseeing a lot of changes coming in the very near future, this mish is going to get a lot more obedient which I guess a good thing.  President Brown got back late Friday night from a week and a half in Utah and I got a call from him Saturday morning wondering how S. was doing. President Brown loves S. and played a big role in fellowshipping and teaching him.  So I told him that we actually were planning on calling him soon about that cuz we have to have Pres. Brown interview him.  He was so stoked to hear that.  He wanted to come over on Monday (today) and do it but I told him that it was P-day and that it would probably be better to do it on at least Tuesday. Man, he is diving into this head first with just so much enthusiasm.  When he called Saturday morning all I was thinking was, we were going to call you but we thought we would let you get settled in first, I mean you have only been head honcho for like less than 12 hours and you've only been awake for 3 of those hours!  Ha!  But he will do really great things for Jamaica.  I am excited to be a part of it.

So in all of your emails and letters you say you wanted some pictures, so I just put my SD card into the computer and tried to open up the file with the pictures on it and when I double clicked the file, the file disappeared and I can't find it anywhere.  The pics are still on the card somewhere cuz when I put it back into the camera they show up, so any help mom would be great! So if I can't get it working I might just have to send it home in a small package so that mom can look at it and hopefully get it fixed or at least you guys will have the pictures. Sorry about that! :(

So the dirt bike ride that you guys went on looked really fun!! I miss those days! I loved seeing the mountains in the pictures that you sent me! The package that you sent me didn't taste like mints.

Well we got fed 4 times yesterday! We either get like no meals or 4 at once.  The first 3 were…you guessed it, chicken and rice and peas and the last one ended up being just dessert which we were so thankful for. We had bread pudding, peanut butter bars, and Blue Bunny fudge swirl ice cream! It was so good, and then they sent us home with a box of mac n cheese, some noodles, some tuna, and a box of milk. Yes, I said box of milk, remember how I said they don't have milk out here...well they do but it is in a box that you don't have to put in the fridge until you open it and they say it real cow’s milk. It tastes really, really bad but we're still thankful for it.

Well today I have been emailing in the clerk’s office at the church and it has AC and I don't want to leave! Got to anyways though! Uhm, mom, don't send peanut butter. That is another thing we eat a lot of is PB and J, so not that lol. And I would like a calendar with pictures. Well love you all, I will write better next week.  Today was rushed cuz we only have one computer here at the church and there are 2 of us. Love ya!

Elder Harris

President Hendricks's Farewell Picture with Colton's Zone

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