Monday, July 22, 2013

I love the cold showers!

Ah ah mi general. Wudehupon? Midehah ya know. Ah you good? Dehah. Ah blessings and respect.  So I don't really know what I just did but I decided that I need to be original in my letter introduction so I typed out a very typical Jamaican conversation.  That is what I hear all day lol.   Well this week has been good.  A lot has gone on.  Thank you for the emails this week everyone.  Well I hope that everyone has a good 24th of July, can't believe I am going to miss it. Have fun though.
Well the new house isn't too bad, it is cramped but it's doable.  I love the cold showers.  While you are in there you realize this is the coolest my body temperature will be until the next cold shower you take so then you just learn to love it.  So this weekend was District Conference for the Spanish Town District(same as Stake Conference).  It was really good.  There were so many people that showed up yesterday for the meeting. There were 768 people there, which is the largest number of LDS people gathered together on the Island ever except for when a General Authority is present.  So it goes to show that the work is moving on.  Pres Brown presided at the meeting and when he stood up and talked, he talked about the new missionaries that came in this past week.  He said that he didn't plan to tell us this but last week when he was interviewing them, he had a strong impression that this would be the group of missionaries that would be around when a stake is created in Jamaica.  He said, "Listen to me clearly now, that means there will be a stake in Jamaica within 2 years!"  Everyone was like wow that was a bold statement.  There is a lot of work to do but we can do it.  He then called all of the missionaries that were there so all of the missionaries serving in the Spain District, which was almost 50 missionaries, yes 50 in one so called 'Stake' and said, "Here is the army that the Lord has sent to accomplish this work.  They are ready, willing, and more than able to serve along side each and every one of you to build the Lord's kingdom  here."  It was cool.  Then he had all 50 of us missionaries sing Called to Serve and in the middle of the 2nd verse everyone stood up and started singing too.  It was a really cool and a really unique first district conference for my first one.
Well last week we had a really good week numbers wise.  We had 5 investigators at church and are starting to see the fruits of all of our hard work.  We have been working with  less actives a lot and we had 6 less actives (inactives really) back to church this week and are preparing all of them for callings.  We had an investigator die this week too. Guess she died in her sleep.  We have been teaching her only for about 10 days and she had a baptism date.  She has 4 really small kids and a husband.  They were living in an abandoned house with no roof and one mattress, dirt floors, cooked with coal, etc.  Definitely in a better place.  We also met someone who has a 1950 somethin Book of Mormon. That was really cool. He said it was his grandma's in England right now.  And he saw that I thought it was really cool and he was like, "Sell it to ya for $50 U.S."   Wasn't going to buy it but it was cool to look at.  He also said they sell mangos for $1 U.S. too and I said how often do you get that, I haven't seen U.S. money since I got here.  Yeah he stopped beggin for money after that.  Well our other investigators are doing good and a lot more went on this week but I don't have time for all of it. Sorry ;( Well I hope that you have a good week :) Love you! 
Elder Harris  
                                                                    Pork ala hair!
Colton and the macaroni man

Elders Harris and Mathewson celebrating Independence Day, July 4, 2013

Colton in front of his new house...wonder if the donkey is replacing his bike?!

Laundry Day

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