Monday, July 8, 2013

So many miracles!

Hello everyone once again! Man can't believe that it is already Monday again! This week has flown by!! This week has been such a good week! There have just been so many miracles that have happened this week! I normally would say that I have just had some tender mercies, but there were just too many of them and they were just too bold and stood out too much to not be miracles. 
Well on Monday we had an awesome FHE with some recent converts, a family, and one of the ZL's investigators and one of our investigators.  We had Sister S. with us at that lesson and it was so good! All of the recent converts who are all teenagers bore such sincere powerful testimonies at the end of that lesson! It was such a testimony builder for me as well.  I think that I might have mentioned Sis. S. before, but if I haven’t, she is one of the most knowledgeable, personable, really in tune with the spirit women that I know.  She was baptized when she was a teenager and was only baptized about 15 years ago and she has just taken the gospel, understood it at an unprecedented level, and then applied it to her life and is now helping so many others when she can.  She is the one who named her two kids Zion and Kolob if you remember from one of my first emails I mentioned that lol.  So that was a really awesome night. 
So on Tuesday Pres. Brown interviewed S. for baptism and had to push it back until Aug 3.  S. took that so well and just totally understands the atonement really well to realize that it is a good thing to push his date back.  It was really good to see Pres. Brown.  It was the first time that I have seen him since he went to Utah and man he just has a spirit and an energy around him that is just so tangible! His wife does as well, she came back to our branch with her family yesterday and she is just as enthused to take their new calling on head first! While Pres. Brown was talking to S. that day, he told him to look for more people that we could teach that he knows.  So the next lesson we were planning having with him was on temples and Sister S. called us the night before that lesson and said that she met S. at institute and that she wants to come to his next lesson (Yeah, S. goes to institute every week and loves it, he says that he is pretty upset that it is only held once a week for 2 hours, he wishes it were held everyday for 2 hours!). Well we go and see him for that lesson and he has his girlfriend there and says we need to teach her. We are like that's awesome so we taught her with Sister S. there; it was so good that she was at that lesson.  His GF is super, super knowledgeable about the bible; she is employed by her current church as a secretary and was very closed-hearted to what we were saying for most of the lesson.  We did decide to have a lesson on temples still and man she had some tough questions and arguments and Sister S. just threw down on them in a bold, yet loving way.  That lesson would have been terrible if Sis. S. wasn't there and we would have lost an investigator probably. Well the next day we have another lesson with S.’s GF and Sis. S. as well.  At the beginning of the lesson we asked her what she thought about the previous lesson.  She said something very profound; she said that during the lesson she felt a peace that she hasn't felt in a very long time, since she was a child.  She said that she has missed that peace and it wasn't until that lesson that she felt it again.  She said that she thinks that (((So sorry, I got to add a little P.S. in this letter right now while it is on my mind, so Tyler Roberts just passed your house Grandma Harris and he took a pic of it and sent it to me, still looks the same, except the new tan fence on the side looks really, really good, I like it a lot. Ok I’ll get back to the story I didn't mean to ruin the spirit!)) so she said that she thinks that she only felt it when she was a child was because she hadn't had a chance to get infused with the world yet, and that reminded me of a scripture John 14:26-27 and I shared that with her saying that is the spirit and it testifies of truth etc.  That scripture also talks about the Lord sending peace, not as the world giveth. It worked perfect.  Later on in that same lesson, she told us of this dream that she had awhile ago, the dream she described was her totally in the temple, and it even goes into a little bit of detail. What I can say really quick is that she pictured herself in a long white dress standing at some sort of a doorway, and someone was there who wouldn't let her through. While she was telling us, Sis. S., Elder Mathewson, and I were just in awe and smiling at each other.  She's like what, you don't believe me?  And we were all like no, we believe you 100%! Sis S. told her to record her dream, like write down everything that she remembers because one day she is sure that she is going to get an understanding of it.
So also S. downloaded the Pearl of Great Price from the internet and started reading it, read all of it on like one day and understands it really well.  We haven’t even mentioned the Pearl of Great Price to him and he found and read it on his own. He thought it was so cool that it answered a lot of questions that he had like Was Adam baptized and what the skin Heavenly Father made for Adam represented, yeah he goes deep!!!!
So Friday morning during super planning I got a call from Pres Brown.  He asked how S. was I told him good and that we were teaching his GF, he's like oh well this wasn't what I was going to talk to you about but Elder Cornish is going to be here in August so lets set up a time right now that you and your comp, Elder Cornish and Pres. Brown could have a lesson with S. and his GF. I was like that will be amazing. The rest of the week I had to brag about the member present lesson that I set up! Well I guess I should say General Authority present lesson! Now I just have to pray that I don't get transferred from Spain!! I have grown to love this place and the people here and don't want to leave them! These transfer calls are going to be CRAZY! I think that I will be training from the sounds of it; I hope that I stay here!
So we are also moving this week. We just finalized on a house this morning and we will be moving in on Thursday. It is a definite downgrade, (I didn't know that was possible). I'll send you pics of it later.
Well I am glad to hear that everything is going well. I am going to look and see if my SD card is working, I don't need one sent to me. No post its, and I would like CD’s with music tho. Not Mo Tab tho, like anything but Mo Tab.  We already have a ton of that at our house! Anything else on that list that you sent me would be good, probably not the Costo bacon yet. Costco trail mix would be glorious though. Anything else as well, I trust ya.  
Well I am out of time.  So sorry I couldn’t go into more detail about my week, it was a good one. Love ya!
Elder Colton Harris 
                                                    Breakfast with his district last Monday.
                                   You can buy anything in Jamaica...even a UVSC sweatshirt!
                                          Donkey pulling a cart or a cart pulling a donkey?!

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