Monday, February 16, 2015

Wheel and Deal!

What a week. We are still working with Sis A. from Treasure Beach. She has a baptism interview scheduled for this Wednesday so she should be getting baptized on Saturday! We are really looking forward to that! She has now come to church 5 weeks in a row.  She and Sis G. don't have a lot of money so they wake up really early on Sundays and go to the main road at 6 am and "look a drive" as Jamaicans say, but it is really just hitchhiking. Hitchhiking is pretty common here, but sometimes it takes them four different cars to just get to church, but they are always usually the first ones here. Takes a lot of faith for that. We are really looking forward to this baptism though for a lot of reasons. There hasn't been a baptism in almost 2 years even though there has always been 2 companionships here.  So this will really be able to boost the branch and hopefully get more of the members excited and involved in missionary work. Next week we should have pictures of the baptism.

So IDK if any of you have ever heard of Colin Powell. So I guess he is/was really high up in the US government, he worked under Bush and Clinton for a long time as Secretary of State and some other positions. Well he is a Jamaican and is actually from an area called Top Hill, right in Junction. We went and walked around that for a while on Monday. There are several members in the branch that are related to him as well. After that on Monday we went to the Sports Park in Treasure Beach and played some tennis there. That was fun. Topped off Monday with an FHE at Sis G.’s house.

Wednesday was my last district meeting.  Went to Santa Cruz for that. On the way home there was a shop that was selling carvings. I stopped and asked the guy how much for them and he said they start at $50 US. Well I asked him what the Jamaican price was, not the tourist price and he said $3,000. Then I asked him what his name was and he pointed to a sign that said 'Wheel and Deal'. I thought, “Man this guy is cocky, I'll show him wheel and deal.”  Needless to say I walked out with a carving and paid less than $10 US. There we go, Mr. Wheel and Deal just got Wheeled and Dealed.

Thursday was quite the crazy day. There were 4 auditors from the Area that came and they said that they were going to do financial training for the branch leadership. They planned on spending 2 hours at all the branches, and for a lot of the branches they spent less than 2 hours. Well, they ended up staying for over 6 hours! There were so many things that were out of order, and I can't explain it over email but there were 5 professional accountants that were just baffled for 6 hours. They organized everything good though and straightened out most of what needed to be straightened out.

Friday the 13th wasn't a bad day either surprisingly.

On Saturday Elder Sullivan was my valentine! <3 He loves me lol... (He just called me gay cuz he read that part, Jamaicans are pretty homophobic.:) I asked Elder Stewart to be my valentine as well and he accepted so I had 2 valentines. Oh yeah.

Sunday Sunday Sunday. Church was great. I once again conducted Sacrament meeting, taught gospel principles class, and taught Elder’s quorum. Teachers that were supposed to show up didn't, so that left me. We had a new investigator come to church yesterday, Bro W. The lesson in Elder’s quorum was on Pray Always from Ezra Taft Benson and we shared a story about how Pres Benson started all his meetings with prayer, even while he was serving in the US government. We went and saw Bro W. last night and the first thing he said before we could even get situated into our chairs he said, "We need to follow Pres Benson and say a prayer now." We were like wow, someone was paying attention. He is super cool though, really educated which is nice. He got a doctorate degree in England and moved back, and he found out that he knows like 6 members of the branch so that was a bonus as well.

Today we went to Mandeville for a zone Pday. It was pretty great! Played some volleyball and other things.  Going back to Mandeville on Wednesday for my last zone meeting. Sad day :(

Someone needs to make it SNOW back home! I am tired of hearing that there isn't any snow. Your weather sounds a lot like my weather! That is not a good thing for this time of the year! Hopefully that can change that fast! Love you all! See ya soon.

Elder Colton Harris

General Colin Powell's land

My homecoming suit

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