Monday, February 2, 2015

21st Birthday...Woah!

Dear Anyone,

This week was the big 21 birthday week! Wow, that is a big number! Sometime this week was also my 23 month mark. My birthday was great. We went to a restaurant called Jack Sprat. I was eating jerked sausage pizza on the beach, what could be better on a birthday than that! It was a good day. Later that night Pres. C. bought some jerked chicken so we had that to celebrate with too.

This week we had a Caribbean wide stake/ district conference broadcast from Salt Lake City. That was really good. But since the internet was slow it would work for about 10 seconds and then buffer for about 20 seconds then work for 10 seconds and buffer again. So that went on for the whole conference, but other than that it was really good. President Packer, Sister Oscarson, Elder Holland, and Elder Wilford Anderson spoke. That was cool since I have met Elder Holland and Elder Anderson while on my mission. I was reading in my journal about when we were taking Elder Anderson to the airport in Cayman and he told us at that time to work extra hard at that time of our missions because it could be the only time that we are "equally yoked" for the rest of our missions. By equally yoked he was referring to how we were both seasoned missionaries at that time so take advantage of it. Looking back I think, "At that time did he know that after Cayman all of my companions would have been on their missions for 0 to 3 months when I was with them?" Anyways, conference was great though!

 We also had zone meeting this past week in Mandeville, that was alright, it was just really long! Not too much happened else happened this week. See you later this month.

Love Elder Colton Harris

Pic 1) Jerked sausage pizza on the beach! Happy birthday to me! :)
Pic 2) My favorite road signs around here!




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