Monday, February 23, 2015

Last Letter Home;/

Everyone... well this is the last letter that I will write home from my mission. 2 years is up this week. Wow. It has been a super great experience for me! Jacob says around the time that he gets done writing that, “the time passed away with us.. like as it were unto us a dream." I feel the same way. At times it feels like a dream and it passed so quickly. I heard that my prayers were answered and that there was some snow this week! Sweet! Cody, welcome home as well.

So I saw pics of Adam, Tyler, and Marquez all together. While they were together on Saturday I was at a sweet baptism. We did the baptism for Sis A. at Old Wharf in Treasure Beach. It was super awesome! We had a private beach area all to ourselves.  IDK how I lucked out doing 3 ocean baptisms while here, most missionaries don't even get one. We realized that Sis A. is the first person ever to be baptized from the community/city of Treasure Beach. Junction Branch is pretty new, like less than 12 years old and Treasure Beach has only been worked recently. This is also the first baptism in the Junction Branch for almost 2 years, even with 2 companionships here the whole time; In our district it is the first in over a year as well so we were super excited about that!  I hope that it helps get the members in the branch more excited to do missionary work as well! Sis Ashby is great though. It has been an awesome journey these past 6 weeks. She is the first investigator of mine to make their first baptism date I think as well. Pictures of the baptism are below.  

Had my last zone meeting this week in Mandeville. On Wednesday it was Ash Wednesday. We don't really celebrate that back home I don't think but here EVERYTHING shut down. Taxis, fast food, .. even bars!! Normal holidays here is when everybody usually hits up the bar all day long, I still don't know what made this one different.

I gave my farewell talk yesterday in sacrament meeting. Cried during a few parts, but made it through okay.

Elder S’s mom is planning on getting baptized in March. She never even went to church once before his mission but now she is working towards a baptism date back in Yahlas. The Lord blesses families as others serve.

So I do look forward to seeing everyone this week. It has been way too long! I am sad that Devin won't be there though! I hope that you have a super happy birthday in Brazil! No better place to celebrate a birthday than in Brazil of all places!!

The missionary coming to replace me is Elder Sinae. He is from the Bahamas. I actually interviewed his mom for baptism before he was on a mission. He was the translator for that interview because his mom only speaks Haitian Creole well. He will do good here in Junction.

Side note about emailing you all today... my computer either shut down or restarted 6 times today, PLUS the power went out TWICE. Emailing today was a labor of love for sure!

Thanks for everyone's support! I truly have been so blessed to be able to serve a mission! It is one of the greatest gifts Heavenly Father has given to me. It seems hard to be able to top experiences like this but I will in the next 2 years. The gospel is all about progression, so if in 2 years I still think that my mission was the best 2 years of my life, I probably haven't been living the gospel very well. The church is true. This is Christ’s gospel. I am very privileged to have borne His name on my chest for 2 years, it will forever be on my heart! I love you all!


Elder Colton Harris
Can there be a sicker venue for a baptism??!!

I propose we move sacrament meeting out here too! #bejealous

The sun setting on Colton's mission...bittersweet...

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