Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Service is where it's at!

Sup Sup! Well I am here in the email shop and I just realized that there is a big poster on the wall, the exciting part is that it is a Duck Dynasty poster! IDK if Duck Dynasty is still big over there, my guess is that it has faded out, but since all I know about the real world is from my knowledge 20 months ago Duck Dynasty is still where it is at for me! I would think that because of that poster whoever runs this email shop has good taste, but at the same time there is a Justin Bieber poster too which makes me think that they don't really have good taste at all. Anyways, it looks good up there on the wall!
As for this week, we ended up dropping A. She is a long time investigator and hasn't been making progress for a long time even though she keeps a lot of commitments. We didn't plan to do this in the lesson but that's the way it turned out. She said that she didn't see herself marrying E. or breaking up with him. There isn't too much else that we can do with that then. She isn't completely gone tho, she is teaching a FHE that we are going to be at tonight with her aunt so we will still see her. Have another investigator named An. He has been taught before by missionaries and we found him in our area book. We have been having lessons with him but he always says that he will visit our church but that he doesn't want to commit to anything. Well we taught the plan of salvation to him this week and he got captured by it like a fish on a hook! He like it a lot, learned a lot of new truths and at the end he didn't even want us to leave which is a little bit different for him. He has an awesome family and I even think that he is married, I'm not sure about the marriage part but I think he is, and has 3 little kids. We are planning on having a FHE with them hopefully on Sunday, that would be great!
It has been raining a lot here the past 2 weeks, it has been great! Keeping it fairly cool, by fairly cool I mean still really hot but it's better.

This Halloween I didn't even eat one piece of candy.. how super lame is that! I hope that I never ever have another Halloween like this again in my life, it's kind of lame lol. Jamaicans do not celebrate Halloween at all, the most festive that I dressed up that day was by wearing an orange and black tie.

Saturday was a Caribbean wide day of service. The branch went to the May Pen infirmary (housing for mentally or physically disabled) and did service. There are 137 people that are housed there and they loved seeing us! We played games with them, cut their hair and did some other stuff. At the end we gave them all ice cream which was a big treat for them. We also passed out hygiene kits cuz even though they live in this complex, they aren't living in very good conditions at all. It will benefit them a lot! So if anyone back home has made hygiene kits recently, maybe those ones came to a good cause here in May Pen? They loved it a lot. It was humbling being there just seeing these people with disabilities and their living conditions. Yesterday in sacrament meeting the first like 3 testimonies were people getting up and saying how there was a bad turnout from members of the branch and how great it was and that they had no excuse to miss it, then the last part of testimony meeting was people getting up and giving their excuse for why they couldn't make it. It was pretty funny. It was a good experience tho. 

Well Devin sounds like he is doing super good! Have a great week everyone! 

Love Elder Colton Harris
Colton's District

The plastic is over the beds to keep them dry when it rains
The big chunks/rocks were removed and then cardboard was laid down as the flooring
Home they helped to build 

Service Project

Duck Dynasty Poster in email shop

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