Monday, October 27, 2014

Two decades into my mission...sort of!

So today I am emailing you on my 20 month mark! It's kind of like reaching a new decade in the mission, sort of not really.  It kind of makes sense in my head since 20 months is in increments of 10. Alright enough of that, so it is also Elders Chappell’s 2 month mark today. He definitely wishes that he had the 0 at the end of his month mark right now and I wish that I didn't have the 0 at the end of mine!  He is still missing home right now and thinking that time is moving slowly.   He'll start to feel better in about another 2 months or so. I wish that I could switch places with him though. It is bittersweet as time is winding down.

We walked with A. to church yesterday. She has kind of been at a standstill lately. She has been a progressing investigator for so long that she is kind of not even progressing anymore, kind of just plateaued. She basically keeps all of her commitments except to work seriously towards either marrying her baby father of separating from him. It's hard to drop her since she is keeping so many commitments and coming to church regularly, that's better than a lot of investigators do, but it is also hard to keep her since she has been taught for so long and is at a standstill. Co. is basically in the same predicament too. We fasted with A. this weekend so hopefully as we follow up with her on that we can come to some conclusion. We also walked to church with her this week so that she could save money from taking a taxi so that she could pay fast offerings.

They found Ca. at one of her daughter’s houses this week. Ch. is moving to Montego Bay next week. They finally have a little bit of water coming to an outside pipe in their yard since it has been raining the past week or so, so that is good too!

We got 4 new missionaries in the district this transfer. One sister is brand new from Utah and was terrified for a few days, I think she is better now. We also got 2 other sisters, they are white washing an area here in May Pen.  About 3 weeks ago an elder went home and his companion got transferred to a new area and sisters took that area over this week. They have been completely lost since they are completely new to the area.  Both of those sisters served in Cayman, and yesterday at church a member from Cayman showed up to church. I had to do a double take because I knew that he looked familiar but I didn't know from where.  Then I realized that it was J. H.  He has family here in MayPen. Man, it was great to catch up with him about Cayman. R., my recent convert, is getting married to the girl that gave us him as a referral. The girls name in W.  She is from Honduras and she moved back to Honduras before I left Cayman. Apparently R. has gone to Honduras like twice per month since we left.  I know that he went once before I left too. They just met at a restaurant she was working at and since she is a returned missionary she invited him to church, he came, got baptized, his son got baptized, got the Melchizedek priesthood, and now they are getting married in the Honduras temple in December when he reaches his year mark of being baptized! Yes! #eternalfamily, that's what it's all about.

Had a good lesson with an investigator named D. this week. She isn't keeping any commitments really. We asked why she keeps wanting us to come over and what she wants to gain from our visits and she told us that all the time when we are there she feels joy and she feels loved and stuff, and she says that those leave when we leave so she likes having us over there. We read verses from Galatians 5 with her and let her know that she is feeling the spirit. We then went over how one of the spirit’s roles is to testify of truth.  So, if she feels the spirit when we are there, and we are teaching her about the restoration, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, etc., then all of that has to be true.  Otherwise the spirit wouldn't be with us in a lesson. Hopefully she was able to connect the dots and starts to keep commitments now.

 Well this computer that I am on just isn't letting me send pictures. Sorry.  Have a great week! Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday on Halloween to Taggart! Love you all!

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