Monday, October 13, 2014

A Taste of America!

Hola er'one! Well as for our week. We had 3 progressing investigators this week. Progressing means they have a baptism date, attended sacrament meeting, and are keeping other commitments. C. was one, an investigator named Sh., and an investigator named P. C. is coming along slowly but surely, hopefully she will be baptized towards the end of November. We walked with Sh. to church yesterday, she lives really close to the church so that is convenient, she lives just a little bit further away from the church here then we live to our church building back home. Sh.  is living with her boyfriend and we had a law of chastity lesson with her this week. In our plans we planned to teach law of chastity, when she didn't accept to live it we were going to drop her cuz we thought that she wouldn't commit to live it at all. She has been living with her boyfriend for a long time and really has nowhere else to go. Well we teach the lesson and give her the options of what she can work towards doing and she is like, "I'll move out, my mom lives in Canaan Heights and I'll build onto her house. All I need is such and such amount of cinder blocks for a foundation, such and such amount of board for walls, and such and such amount of tin for the roof. I start work up again in a month so I'll save money from those paychecks." So we were surprised big time! Hopefully she follows through with it. It  won't be a great house, but at least she is keeping the commandments. P. lives in an area called Palmers Cross. He walks to church too. He lives a few miles away. He lives probably further away from the stake center in Beaver to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house and he still walks it. He has to be over 60 years old too. We were in missionary correlation meeting last week and  was telling our branch mission leader that he lives clear out in Palmer Cross and would have to walk, and he goes, "Oh that's just right around the corner." It is crazy the different perspectives out here. 

So Monday we went to Mandeville. We stayed the night there since we had to travel into Spanish Town with them the next day anyways. We went back to the caves and had a Family Home Evening with their recent convert. We stayed outside the cave but near the entrance and roasted hot dogs and ate cup cakes, that's about one of the most American things I've done out here, it was great. We obviously went back inside the caves as well and walked around. Tuesday we had a super long meeting in Spanish Town. I was on a wooden bench from 9am to 5pm straight. I thought conference weekend was bad out here, at least we got breaks from the wooden benches. We did get a little break for lunch. They provided pizza and salad. Holy cow, the salad tasted so good! It's been a long time since I have had salad, and even a longer time since I have had ranch! I've decided that I love ranch! Besides the length of the meeting, everything else was great! It was a mission-wide district leaders meeting. It'll help a lot. The off island areas skyped into it, it made me miss Cayman a lot when I saw the clerks office in Cayman over Skype.

Elder Chappell has officially been shot by the chickengunman! Haha, the virus that's going around has been getting a lot of nicknames cuz Jamaicans are funny like that. So chickengunia turns into chickengunman, chickenganja (ganja means weed here), chickengonorrhea, and many more. But he got sick yesterday after church. We came in early he wasn't feeling good. After we got in our branch president calls and asks if we could go give a member a blessing for him. Sure prez. So we had to pack back up and ride 40 minutes one way to give a 3 minute blessing, and then we rode the 40 minutes back to our house cuz the member lived in an area called Racetrack and that is very far away from our house. Elder Chappell is a trooper, went out to give a blessing for the same thing he has. He is the last missionary in MayPen to get it so hopefully we can focus on the work, until next week when transfers come and we get a brand new sister missionary in the district and another elder from somewhere else around the island, hopefully that other elder has already had it too. So I have a feeling this companionship right here is going to be out of commission for a few days starting right now.

I bought a new camera this week, I finally don't have to take pictures off of others camera. There were pictures taken at that service project last weekend but i'll have to get them from a different missionary. Devin, that was an amazing story that you wrote about. As long as we are faithfully living the gospel we don't have to just hope for miracles, but can come to expect them daily! Keep it up and that will just be the first out of numberless miracles on your mission. The Meet the Mormons movie looks really good. I've seen some trailers for it and read about it on some of the church websites.  Everyone should go watch it. And the new horse looks great too, grandpa, it sounds like we need to have negotiation lessons. If ya ever come out here we will practice the art of bartering. Rule #1, you're not supposed to add money when they put out a price for you to pay them lol. Good job Treyson in football! Good job and good luck Kierstin in soccer! 

Have a good week! Love you all!
Elder Colton Harris

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